Studio Pan

Pied-à-terre Parisien pour 3 dans un 31 m2

the original space was divided into a kitchen, a small bedroom, a toilette and a long and dark hallway at the back with no living space at all. There was not a single architectural element worth preserving so it actually made things easier: a total demolition! the challenge was how to accommodate a couple and a child in this 31 m2 ( 33 sq.ft) space so that the parents and kid will each have their own privacy, while still have a spacious living area and confortable bathroom and all the storage etc. An open loft is apparently not a solution. at the same time, the only beautiful thing about the original space is the three french windows lining up its southern and only exterior wall. How to keep this valuable source of natural light and make the most out of it was the first thing coming to my mind. The result, a sleek and fully functional space with a bedroom for the parents, a sleeping nook for the kid, a walk-in closet, a 90x130cm large shower, a full size kitchen and a dining area good for inviting 6-7 people. Yet there is no single area that make you feel cramped. It's our magic!