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Deluxe Jungle Animal Luxury Nursery Wall Art Sticker Design available in various colour schemes suitable for both boys and girls and neutral for those of you who are leaving the arrival a surprise!

Featuring some of our most favourite Jungle Animals, the giraffe, hippo, elephant, lion, zebra and of course those cheeky monkeys.

Included in the deluxe Jungle Animal Nursery Wall Art Sticker Scene are over 100 self-adhesive extremely high quality fabric nursery wall stickers for applying to any smooth surface.

Our stickers can be repositioned and removed leaving no residue on the surface.

Included in this scene:

1 x Tree Size 74” tall x 59 ” wide (1.9 x 1.6mtrs) – including leaves & birds

1 x Giraffe 37 x 15

1 x Elephant 17 x 14

1 x Zebra 17 x 19

1 x Lion 16 x 16

1 x Hippo 13 x 12

1 x Sun 13 x 13

2 x Monkeys

4 x Birds

6 x Grass

85 x Leaves

All Enchanted Interiors Nursery wall Art designs are made from a premium self adhesive fabric and designed and printed in the UK

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