Slice chair natural, dimple shell white par studio sander mulder moderne métal | homify

The Dimple shell's structural design was inspired by an

eclectic mix of old, vintage race car seat. Comfortable and highly ergonomic body, with a modern, vibrant aesthetic. The Slice base is the perfect example of a design that combines functionality and a graceful silhouette. With its minimalistic design Slice allows its materials to do the talking: the inserts, which have all the warmth of wood, slide on the metal frame of the legs, and are connected via the magnets placed in the feet, which can be removed and repainted. Slice is a light and elegant base, perfect in its simplicity.

Matériel: Métal
Longueur: 0,6 m
Largeur: 0,53 m
Hauteur: 0,85 m
Prix: 272 €
Crédits: Kubikoff
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