A small flat that will leave you with your mouth open

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A small flat that will leave you with your mouth open

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Petit Nid Parisien: Terrasse de style  par Marion Rocher
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“Nothing is more sublime,” said Victor Hugo, than Paris. It is a feeling about living in Paris which is almost universally accepted and remains true even today. Parisian architecture is forever reviving itself and is kept updated to contemporary standards. Gone are the days of Hector Guimard and Charles Girault, or even those eminent architects who preceded them. 

The city has even advanced from the days of Pierre Chareau and Henry Bernard. Today’s Parisian architecture is all about swank residences, built according to the tastes of the prevailing era, sometimes housed within much older buildings. The one you get to see today is one such pretty little apartment with a sublime design by Marion Rocher.

Living room décor

Salon: Salon de style  par Marion Rocher

The interior retains some of its old Parisian flavour. In fact, the exposed beams give it a rustic edge which, perhaps, comes as a little surprise. The living room is decorated with a cosy black sofa and a stylish coffee table. 

The walls are a pale grey and white tone. Simple decorative pieces, like a vintage mirror and corner table, wait to be embellished with a flower vase full of fresh blooms.


Vue d'ensemble: Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Vue d'ensemble

Marion Rocher

This petite apartment occupies a mere 22 square metres space on the 6th floor of a historical Parisian building. It is part of an illustrious locality in the heart of Paris and is surrounded by numerous old dwellings similar to the one it occupies.

Like any other residential building of that era, this house boasts a generous ceiling height. Both the architect and interior planner have fully exploited this added advantage to expand the tiny one room apartment just a little bit for the comfort of the owner.

A mezzanine floor has been created to accommodate the bedroom, and old chimneys have been converted into closets. But wait, the surprise doesn’t end here…

Small kitchen design

Coin cuisine: Cuisine de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Coin cuisine

Marion Rocher

This space is a big inspiration for all those trying to manage in a tiny kitchen. It is minimal in design, but oh so glamorous! Slate grey cabinet doors shine under the glossy black work top. Together they give a very neat appearance to the small space. 

Wall mounted shelves increase the storage space. Starry floor tiles contrast the simple white ceiling and walls and, in the process, introduce a sense of drama into the atmosphere.

Tiny bathroom with a dark accent

Salle de bain: Salle de bains de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Salle de bain

Marion Rocher

The small bathroom shimmers under the influence of mosaic tiles mounted on the walls. The flooring and wall décor is similar to the kitchen. Though small, the bathtub in the shower room makes it slightly tighter for comfort. 

Concrete vanity unit covered in tiles looks chic but eat up a little bit too much space. However, considering the smallness of the space, this bathroom looks stylish and feels relaxing.

Corner library

Coin bibliothèque: Salon de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Coin bibliothèque

Marion Rocher

For the owners of this tiny apartment, this corner library turns out to be a delightful place to sit down with a novel in hand. 

The asymmetric bookshelves, mounted on the wall, bring back memories of the famed Parisian Dada movement. Additional storage units are neatly tucked under the podium.

Loft bedroom

Espace nuit en mezzanine: Chambre de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Espace nuit en mezzanine

Marion Rocher

Climb up the stairs and you get to see the tiny bedroom on the mezzanine floor. In fact, it can hardly be called a room – it's little more than a hanging platform to hold a bed and little more storage space! However, this added space helps to keep the lower floor less cluttered and more organised.

Magnificent terrace with a view of Paris

Terrasse végétalisée: Terrasse de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Terrasse végétalisée

Marion Rocher

This is one of the biggest assets of this chic Parisian apartment. Decorated with potted plants, wooden boundary walls and faux grass flooring, it is an oasis of calm in an urban setting. A tiny table flanked by two lightweight chairs colour up the space a little bit. But, barring the excellent views of the surroundings, it hardly needs any embellishment.

The graceful design of this small apartment once again shows that trend setting décor does not depend on the availability of space. If you are a proud owner of a small home, you too can take inspiration from the interior design of this Parisian nest.

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