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A vibrant modern home full of life

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Cuisine moderne par 한글주택(주) Moderne
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The modern concrete home we will explore today lies in a rural area of South Korea. It is composed of strong geometric volumes with bold shapes and has a distinctive presence. At the same time, the home is set in a rather unique locale that demands its own attention. The property is set in close proximity to a mountain of lush beauty. It also faces similar natural surroundings from the front view as well. How do we know this? Well, the front of the home is covered in a series of large windows and doors made of glass. These reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and make it a key part of the exterior design. But these aren't the only striking features architects Hangul House have created with their unique design. Come with us on a photo tour to learn more…

A distinctive concrete exterior

The two-level home has a strong geometric presence. The shapes of the concrete building and large windows slot together as a series of squares. This stark geometry, together with the raw concrete material might have made for a rather heavy visual presence. But this has been avoided with the prevalent use of glass – and the narrow yellow band of roof. It's unusual to see a yellow roof like this. But the colour choice isn't isolated. It's held together by the complimentary blue-grey of the larger roof. This feature is particularly interesting, so let's look at it from the rear of the home…

A wraparound roof

The two bands of roofing that wrap the upper level really emphasize the bold geometry of the facade. Here on the rear facade, we can see how the blue-grey roof wraps around to form a small terrace on the upper level. It also provides some shade on the lower level.

U-shaped living area

The home has a distinct U-shaped layout. In the dining room here, we can see how it creates a natural division for the various zones in the open plan layout. It also offers the opportunity for many points of communication with the outdoor scenery. Note how the dining area has stunning window views on two sides.

Glossy minimalist kitchen

The interior has large open spaces and glossy minimalist materials. We love the wooden kitchen cabinets with the high gloss finish in the kitchen. They embody the natural theme of the home and give it a contemporary gloss at the same time. The long narrow shape of each wing also directs our attention towards the large glass wall and natural views.

L-shaped bedrooms

The L-shaped bedroom here has a very private feel. The use of dark wooden floorboards continues the earthy theme and the wooden desk has a simple, modern look. The bed is also a slightly unusual choice. It's set low on the floor and has a plush headboard.

Simple and striking bathroom

The bathroom is simple and striking. There is a shower head and no screen, so the entire space functions as a wet room. This, together with the large cream bathroom tiles makes the bathroom feel that bit bigger. There is a large bathtub with a view out of the window. We bet it's a lovely vista!

If you are interested in streamlined modern homes, you'll love this project…  A sleek home of modern class.

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