Boring to charming: the pretty makeover of a Polish apartment

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Boring to charming: the pretty makeover of a Polish apartment

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Salon de style  par Better Home, Scandinave
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Warsaw, the Polish capital, is an architectural delight with building styles ranging from neoclassical to gothic, Soviet-era and modern. This historically intriguing city also boasts of a pulsating nightlife and is a musical paradise. And it is in Warsaw that we chanced upon REALIZACJA III, an apartment which was once dull, drab and cluttered. It used to lack personality or any kind of aesthetic pleasure. But with the help of Better Home, a group of proficient home stagers, this abode is now a bright and cheerful place where good taste in design and décor rules. Refreshing colours, cosy textures, and a subtle mix of traditional and contemporary ideas have gifted this residence a whole new level of style and spirit. The love of greenery and openness that the owners have is also not hard to miss once we begin the tour.

Before: cluttered and bland bedroom

 de style  par Better Home, Classique

This bedroom earlier felt like a jumble sale with lots of elements cluttering different corners. There was an utter lack of organisation and the colours didn’t come together nicely.

After: soft pastels for a dreamy feel

Chambre de style  par Better Home, Scandinave

The designer replaced the old parquet floor with a sheet of glossy laminate. At the same time, the walls were given a single colour to make the small room appear larger. Simple but stylish furnishing along with the abundance of gentle pastel hues now infuses the room with a cosy and dreamy vibe.

Before: a supremely messy kitchen

 de style  par Better Home, Classique

We have all heard about how too many cooks can spoil the broth. In this case, too many things have spoilt the design and aesthetics of the kitchen. The ageing wallpaper, the cluttered counters, non-cohesive appliances and many other unnecessary items produced a visually jarring effect.

After: a neat and cohesive look

Cuisine de style  par Better Home, Scandinave

Hello hardwood floor – meet the hardwood counter. The designers have made small changes in the kitchen for a big difference. The chrome, white and wooden theme comes together beautifully to create a look that says “delicious!”. And of course, the space has been de-cluttered and decked with small potted greens for a refreshing aura.

Before: a dated look in the living area

 de style  par Better Home, Classique

While the floor and doors may have looked stylish at one point, they were now simply out of fashion. Also, the room lacked brightness and even the basic furnishing essential for modern comfort.

After: sunshine and colour

Salon de style  par Better Home, Scandinave

The designers have retained the same layout with a new floor that is a vast expanse of wood. Pops of green make for comfortable seating with a soothing beige couch in between. Quaint artworks, pastel drapes, and a lively bunch of white and purple flowers add to the charm of the space. Last but not the least, sunshine floods the room now and fills it with hope and warmth.

After: a hint of the classic

Salon de style  par Better Home, Scandinave

Keeping in touch with the classic roots is important in a subtle design scheme like this one, and the designers have used a robust sideboard as a statement piece here. Crafted from rich wood, it lends an air of old-time elegance which is hard to miss.

Before: a shabby balcony

 de style  par Better Home, Classique

Clutter and damage marked the balcony earlier. It couldn’t be used for soaking in the beauty of nature or simply relaxing after a hard day at work.

After: new found freedom

Terrasse de style  par Better Home, Scandinave

Now, the balcony is free from clutter and the glass windows are devoid of blinds, making this space open yet cosy. A couple of foldable chairs and a tall table holding an indoor plant make for picturesque seating, while a striped rug offers plush company. Potted plants also line the window ledge and bring nature inside without missing a beat.

Before: an ancient corner

 de style  par Better Home, Classique

The bureau and the mirror seemed to emerge from the yellowing pages of an old book. A contemporary makeover was badly needed for this spot.

After: sleek yet homely

Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Better Home, Scandinave

Now, the monochrome corner has a simple black wooden shelf and lots of space! The shelf is used not just to contain clutter, but also to display quirky knickknacks.

Before: a dirty and dark bathroom

 de style  par Better Home, Classique

The bathroom was filled with grime and required a good clean up! The lighting was insufficient and too many items were crowding the space in a manner which made the bathroom absolutely unappealing.

After: sparkling clean

Salle de bains de style  par Better Home, Classique

Thanks to intense cleaning solutions, this bathroom now wears a sparkling new look! It has been wonderfully de-cluttered and fitted with bright lights to flaunt a cheerful and inviting look.

This quaint makeover has given the apartment a stylish new lease of life. With perky pops of colours, cosy textures and clever organisational hacks, this Polish flat is now a joy to live in. Take a look at another before and after story for more inspiration - Before and After: From rags to riches.

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