Choosing an interior colour scheme

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Choosing an interior colour scheme

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Chalet Gstaad Chambre rustique par Ardesia Design Rustique
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Our homes say a lot about our personality. They are a reflection of our tastes and inclinations, as well as functioning as our primary domestic spaces. In order to ensure our homes are unique, original, and suit our preferences we impart a colour scheme. Additionally, this colour palette is paired with decorative elements that echo our identity, and complete our home. But how does one know what colour scheme to choose? Pairing colours and creating a combination of hues can actually be quite a tricky challenge. Some shades work well together, while others will rapidly demonstrate your lack of design nous! 

If you need a little help, and some stylish examples to get you on your way, check out the images below, and begin planning your domestic makeover with confidence. From earthy and natural, to eclectic and wild, homify has everything you need to design your home with style!

Neutral and muted

Bedroom 2 Chambre moderne par In:Style Direct Moderne

One of the most popular interior colour schemes is often a neutral palette of whites, and creams. Neutral is timeless, it appeals to a wide variety of tastes, and can create a sense of openness within small spaces. Here in this gorgeous example we see a truly beautiful neutral interior that makes the most of its muted shades. The walls and ceiling are white, as are the heavy draped curtains, while the furniture adds a little interest with its darker timber veneer. The carpet is an ecru tone, and looks gorgeously minimal when paired with the crisp bed linen. 

Dark and mysterious

Interiors Salle à manger classique par Adam Carter Photo Classique

If muted and neutral aren't your cup of tea, why not try something a little different and choose a dark and mysterious colour scheme. Here in this example of a dining room, we see the dark hues and shades utilised to create a moody and rich interior. Patterns feature heavily within the space, and the opulent accessories help to evoke luxury and lavishness. 

Timeless blues

Moving into the coloured interiors, blue is often a choice that resonates with a large group of individuals. Blue is timeless, and helps to ensure a space that feels tranquil and calm. Naturally quite a regal tone, blue can impart a sense of majesty into a domestic area, and that is very much the case in this example from Concept Eight Architects. Paired with a parquet floor, art deco chandelier, and other intriguing sculputres and objet d'art, the room is gorgeously inviting and intriguing.

Working with green

Fallowfield | Traditional English Country Kitchen Cuisine classique par Davonport Classique Bois Effet bois

Fallowfield | Traditional English Country Kitchen


When we think of the colour green we probably imagine bright hues such as viridian, or other gaudy shades. Now although these are fabulous, and can add a huge amount of personality to a space, we may want something a little more subtle. Here in this kitchen space, we are taking a peek at a different shade of green. The bespoke kitchen has employed a sage tone, which looks beautiful contrasted against the rich timber flooring and paired with a classic marble worktop. 

Black and white

Brassworks Chambre moderne par Belsize Architects Moderne

Black and white has been a timeless choice for decades. These two contrasting hues add a yin and yang effect to the bedroom and can also be utilised to add a heritage touch to a home, as well as simply a contemporary infusion. Here in this renovated loft-style home, the black and white looks sleek, chic, and utterly sophisticated. 

Earthy hues

Chalet Gstaad Chambre rustique par Ardesia Design Rustique
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Earthy hues come in many different forms. From simple timber tones to rich stone shades, there is an earthy interior to suit anyone. This example utilises rich natural hues to create a welcoming and warm bedroom space. The lodge-esque interior oozes style and appeal, working beautifully with red tartan patterns to evoke an inviting and sumptuous ambience. 

Bright and eclectic

Finally on our list of interior colour schemes we take a look at the bright and bubbly hues. For an eclectic and intriguing interior, why not choose multiple colours to create an interior space that is interesting and unique. With a combination of traditional and modern art, bright red rug, sumptuous sofas, and a range of different ornaments, this interior is memorable, and full of personality!

If you would like some more interior inspiration, check out our other Ideabook: 11 chic bathroom storage idea.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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