3 Tips to Help You Organize Your Home After Moving In

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Moving into a new house can be an exciting experience, but it involves endless tasks until you settle down. However, you can plan and strategize the process to make your life easier after moving in. While it's tempting to unpack everything quickly, it pays to take your time and organize your space. A new house offers a blank slate that you can plan and organize to ensure your home is neat and orderly from the start.

1. Organize the Bedrooms

After you have all the boxes in their respective bedrooms, it's time to set up the space. If you have small kids, it's vital you start unpacking and arranging their bedrooms. Typically, moving into a new home can be confusing for your little ones, and you should strive to maintain normalcy and make the transition less stressful. Moving professionals like Osmon Moving and Storage can help you create a safe space with a sense of comfort by preparing the bedrooms before moving on to other rooms.

It's essential to use clean beddings when making the beds and choose a drawer for toys and other baby supplies. If your supplies won't fit in the drawers and you can't find the baskets, use the empty packaging boxes until you locate the baskets. In each bedroom, start with items going into drawers and closets to clear the room. If you run out of available space, store some things under the bed until you get additional space.

2. The Kitchen is Essential

The kitchen should be among the first places to unpack and organize after moving to a new home. Unpack essential items first and put them in accessible drawers. Similarly, kitchenware and cookware that you use regularly should go into the cabinets next to your oven. Place your regularly used dinnerware on lower shelves for easier access. Also, any potentially hazardous cleaning products should be on the higher shelves, away from pets and children.

You'll unlikely keep the kitchen exactly as you have set up immediately after moving in. While you should unpack the boxes as soon as you move in, it's best not to spend on kitchen organizers until you experiment with various layouts. Ideally, you should use the kitchen for a few weeks to find out what works for you.

3. Bathroom and Laundry Area

Your bathroom can significantly impact your morning routine, so you should organize it early. Unlike other rooms, the bathroom is easy to organize, and it can give you a good starting point and morale to organize the whole house. While adding extra storage and organizers can make you feel more in control, don't install permanent wooden fixtures until you are sure about layout and functionality.

Most laundry rooms are small and need creativity for maximum organization. Instead of using a single hamper, get a three-piece hamper for keeping your light laundry, dark laundry, and towels for easier cleaning. Your laundry products like stain removers and detergents should be near the washing machine. You can also install hooks on cabinet doors to hang mops and brooms.


Most people want to settle quickly after moving into a new home and avoid unnecessary stress. Since sorting and organizing your items can be tedious, it's best to have the right strategy and prioritize the spaces you should focus on.

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