8 fantastic ideas for stone walls in the home

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8 fantastic ideas for stone walls in the home

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par Stonesmiths - Redefining Stone-Age Moderne
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Using stones in the interior and exterior of a house is as old as the history of architecture itself. Some of the most famous buildings in the world make extensive use of stones. Modern architecture and design have not shunned their association with stones, either.

This is a material that effortlessly blends with contemporary urban interiors as much as their rustic country counterparts. Join us and find out how to use stone to beautify your home.

Stones for rough walls

Modern homes can use stones to build a rough feature wall in a living room or bedroom. You can use a wide range of stones for this purpose. But make sure to properly reinforce the walls to make them capable of withstanding this added load.

Stone walls with intricate designs

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Stone crafting is considered a highly evolved art form. You can decorate your home with elaborate stone panels like this one. Alternatively, you can install marble wall panels inlayed with a variety of semiprecious stones and shells.

Stone walls like these can help you to create beautifully embellished living room, bedroom, prayer room or hallway.

Sleek and polished stone walls

Salon moderne par homify Moderne

You can use polished agate, limestone, granite, marble or sandstone to build a feature wall. Each of them has a natural sheen and appearance that are unlike anything else. Try to keep the rest of the décor unfussy, so that one can fully appreciate the beauty of sleek stone walls.

Stone walls in the kitchen

We all know that marble, onyx or granite slabs can be used to build very stylish kitchen counters. Kitchen flooring often makes use of stones as well. But do you know that stones can also help to decorate the walls or the kitchen backsplash? Try this and see how luxurious your kitchen looks after renovation.

Pebbles and pea stones

Cave à vin moderne par Beth Nejm Moderne

Mortared river pebbles, pea stones or other smaller pieces of colourful stones can usher a glamorous effect into the interior of your living room, library or balcony. Instead or mortared stone walls, you can also install the caged version like this cosy living room designed by Beth Nejm.

Stone walls in the bathroom

Stone walls can help build a fascinating bathroom interior. You can use polished stones for contemporary bathroom walls or rough stones and river pebbles to build an authentic rustic interior. In either case, your bathroom is going to be as fashionable and unique as you want it to be.

Colourful accents in the bedroom

For colourful accents to the interior of your bedroom, living room or hallway look no further than chips or blocks of beautiful agate, carnelian, tiger’s eye, limestone and sandstone. Coloured marble is also useful to give your home a unique appeal.

Stone walls in the courtyard and garden

Consider using stone walls in your courtyard or garden. Think of building stone boundary walls of your homes. They are not easily susceptible to the elements of nature and, when polished, are easy to clean. Their eco friendly nature will cause no harm to your garden.

Stone walls might seem impenetrable and intimidating, but they're a low-maintenance way to improve the look and feel of your home. For an example of how to use stone in your home, see how style and comfort decide to join hands in this chic French villa.

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