Before and After: From Distraught to Reformed

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This old apartment has very little sparkle and style before the home renovation. It was sparse, cold and unadorned with plenty of space to fill. The home was uninspired, until the team of architects turned it into a dream living space! The apartment was dark and uninviting, but with a few chic updates, it is now as friendly as can be.

It now has a young, vibrant edge that is filled with colour and light. The living room is comfortable and more than just a place to eat and watch TV. Now it’s a great space to socialise and entertain. But wait until you see the gorgeous terrace and bedroom, this apartment certainly has a new life!

Before: Dull

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

This image shows how the living room looked before the revamp. It’s simple and almost abandoned in appearance, with certainly no décor element in mind. The walls were dull and imaginative, with only a small wooden table for furniture. The fluorescent lighting is unattractive and boring, doing nothing for the ambiance.

After: Lively

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

This living room is now revitalised, with the wooden ceiling receiving some attention too, highlighting the beautiful wooden beams in the process. The turquoise used on the walls brightens ups the spirit of the home, with framed photos, a colourful carpet, lamps and scatter cushions adding a chic style.

Before: Kitchen Hell

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

The pots and pans pictured here are worn out and in need of replacing. While the idea of a shelf over the kitchen sink might work for some, taller inhabitants or visitors to this apartment might just feel out of place, especially when trying to wash dishes in the cramped space. The trash and refrigerator almost seem on display here, adding a bit more disorder to the kitchen.

After: Charming

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

The patchwork quilt design on the tile seen here in this revamped kitchen creates a vintage look. The area is a bit more spacious now that the shelf over the sink has been moved and with some clever planning and layout, the trash and refrigerator are no longer an eye sore.

Before: Collapsing

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

This bland and boring all-white bathroom has over time collected some fungi and wall stains, this has made the bathroom unattractive and certainly not a comfortable space to unwind and relax. The window sill has been blocked by a sheet of glass, but wait until you see the fabulous makeover!

After: Creative

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

Nothing in this fantastic revamped bathroom looks the same as the old one. The space is better illuminated and more appealing, with an abundance of natural sunlight. The use of a bright colour for the basin design and vibrant tiles creates a funky and modern design that is instantly attractive.

Before: Small Space

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

This living room space was mismatched and unadorned. The sofas in different colours didn’t make the matter any better and did not fit with the other furniture in the room. The corner is dark and uninviting with a need for a lamp to add some illumination. How do you sit comfortably with the wooden table and chairs in the way?

After: More Place

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

New furniture was commissioned in order to give this apartment a breath of life and imagination. The home is now divided into a comfortable dining area, a space to relax and watch television and even an armchair for those days when extra guests require extra seats. The entire room is now usable, inviting and chic.

Cosy Bedroom

homify Hôtels méditerranéens

The bedroom has a seamless and elegant design, with a bed and two lamps making up the furniture. The walls are all-white creating the illusion of a larger room, while the fibre mat adds a comfortable cosy addition to the floor. The air-conditioning and television are fixed to the walls, leaving the floor free from clutter.


homify Hôtels méditerranéens

This terrace space makes the outdoors as fabulous as the indoors. It’s a fantastic extension of the home, especially on those warm summer evenings. The balcony has artificial grass, a gorgeous garden wall as well as natural fibre furniture for that authentic terrace look and feel. It’s definitely a great addition to this apartment. If you like home makeovers, then this before and after feature of An Extraordinary Restoration is a must read!

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