​7 quick ways to get your wardrobe in stylish shape

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​7 quick ways to get your wardrobe in stylish shape

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Elegant dressing room par Baker & Baker Classique
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When tackling the home on the hunt for dust and clutter, how often do we sail past the wardrobes and closets? That little voice that tells us “Nobody but you sees it, it’s fine” is all the convincing it takes to leave our wardrobe organising for yet another day.

But enough is enough – today we take a stand to finally organise those clothes and clean out the items we barely wear anymore. And if you switch into creative mode, the options to organising that space are quite endless. 

And the even better news? These tips hardly require any new purchases, which means it’s a quick (and cost-effective) DIY activity you can quickly do on your Saturday morning.

Let’s start!

1. Don’t hide it away

An exposed wardrobe will whisper to you to keep it neat and tidy, the same way that the snacks on exposed shelving will inspire you to eat healthier. If your clothes and fashion accessories are out in the open, there’s less of a chance you’ll leave it to accumulate into a heap of clutter. 

It’s okay to opt for drawer storage for the more private items in our bedroom and wardrobe. However, the rest (i.e. sweaters, dresses, scarves… ) can take on an open concept look and hang loud and proud without being hidden behind a door.

2. Out of the darkness

Bespoke cabinetry par Baker & Baker Classique
Baker & Baker

Bespoke cabinetry

Baker & Baker

Seeing as we’re always rushing off to the next spot or activity, it’s quite easy for a wardrobe to become a cluttered pile of clothes. Fight the urge to drop and dash by designating an area as a dressing room, even if it’s just the one corner of your bedroom. 

Include some strong (yet stylish) shelving, a seating spot, and some lighting to make that dressing space more personal and welcoming.

3. Spruce up your own space

par homify Moderne

Of course it’s not possible for everybody to enjoy an entire room that’s designated to dressing and undressing. So, make your space work for you instead of the other way around. 

Use any (practical) space in your home or apartment and turn it into an eclectic little corner that represents you and your personal style. And don’t hide everything away – keep those items you love, like handbags or your favourite perfume, on display.

4. Dictated by colour

Colour coordination is one of the most fun ways you can go about organising a wardrobe or closet. First, start by separating your clothing according to season, and then work with your colours – that way, you’ll have all the items you’ll need for the relevant season grouped together. 

But don’t just stick to your wardrobe; colour coordinating can be implemented in lots of spaces around your home, such as your home office bookcases, living room floating shelves, etc. 

Speaking of colour, you might want to check out these: 6 Easy Ways To Bring Colour Into Your Living Room.

5. Alternate between big and small

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA par Campbell Watson Moderne
Campbell Watson

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA

Campbell Watson

The general wardrobe consists of a mix-and-match between shoes, shirts, jackets, hats, and much more – and that is also what contributes to the cluttering factor.

For easy access (and room to breathe), you will want to keep the items for the current season close by and on display. For example, heavyset coats and gloves won’t be used during spring and summer, which means they can be stored away in larger drawers and/or bins until their time to shine rolls around.

6. The excellence of exposed shelving

Elfa und Lumi exhibition in furniture showroom "Möbel Inhofer" par Pamela Kilcoyne - Homify Moderne
Pamela Kilcoyne – Homify

Elfa und Lumi exhibition in furniture showroom Möbel Inhofer

Pamela Kilcoyne - Homify

Take a tip from the exposed shelving in your living room (or kitchen, or bathroom) by doing the same for your wardrobe/dressing area. Exposed shelving allows everything to be displayed loudly and proudly, which not only makes everything more accessible, but also lessens the change of that clutter factor creeping in.

7. Remember the smaller items

Bespoke tie drawer par Lamco Design LTD Minimaliste
Lamco Design LTD

Bespoke tie drawer

Lamco Design LTD

Chances are that your wardrobe will store more than just clothing, such as jewellery, photographs, makeup, and more. In these cases, why not treat these smaller items to their own little compartments? 

A combination between exposed shelves, glass door shelving, and smaller compartments could make for a unique mix-match between storage and display areas, conjuring up a very stylish dressing space indeed. 

You see? Organising your wardrobe does not have to cost and arm and a leg, and could even lead to you rediscovering a few items of clothing you’ve forgotten about.

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