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7 Wonderful Roof Terrace Ideas

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homify Balcon, Veranda & Terrasse rustiques
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Have you ever considered maximising the use of all your space? So you have this stunning roof top area and you have no idea what to do with it… how about creating your very own gorgeous roof terrace. A place to admire the sights of the city, take in the sunrise or sunset or just simple create a comfortable area for those fun summer nights with family and friends.

In this Ideabook today, we aim to provide you with some top tips and suggestions to keep your friends entertained and expand your home to vertical levels with these fantastic roof terrace inspirations!

1. Pergola

So your roof in unused and under-utilised, but it has so much potential. Add a fantastic pergola and create an extension of your house, use it as a living room or entertainment area, which is especially helpful for those family occasions over the holidays. 

With so many designs and materials to choose from, there is surely a pergola to suit you! They can be built from a variety materials, such as wood, bamboo, metal and even mixed, covered, uncovered or transparent… a pergola is a personality choice!

2. Creative outdoor dining

homify Balcon, Veranda & Terrasse rustiques

Use your roof terrace as a fantastic outdoor dining experience! It’s a creative way to make use of the extra room offered by your rooftop. Make the space all your own by adding some appropriate outdoor furniture, a rustic floor with a matching outdoor carpet and you have your very own dining space to enjoy with those loved ones.

3. A social space

For an even more fantastic roof terrace experience, add all the aspects of social comforts, whether it be comfortable furniture, extra seating or even a bar. However, if you plan to place a deck structure onto your roof, you may want to call in the professionals to ensure that your space is structurally sound. It's better to be safe than sorry.

4. City sights

Your roof terrace and what you decide to use it for is entirely up to you, whether it be for a relaxing an intimate reading space, outdoor study area for that fresh air home office feeling or even just a place to enjoy the sights of the city without the hustle and bustle of being at home… your own escape from reality. Add a personal touch with your favourite colourful flowers and a comfy reading nook and you’re all set.

5. The flooring

It is important to create a space that has the appropriate outdoor elements, this flooring for example creates a comfortable and unique outdoor dining experience. So just think of your roof terrace as an extension of your home and make your extra-dining room just as beautiful as your home interior.

6. An extension of the home

If you are lucky enough to have a large roof area, then you can consider replicating the social space of your interior and creating another usable level of your home. Get an outdoor sofa and some appropriate chairs and even a table and make your roof terrace a complete extension of your home. Now just think about that party you can have on a warm summer night… and it will be all outside! What do you think about this awesome idea by Tectónico?

7. How about a grill?

view of sink, BBQ and fridge wood-fired oven Jardin classique
wood-fired oven

view of sink, BBQ and fridge

wood-fired oven

Now that you are all settled in with your comfortable outdoor space, how about adding a grill and refrigerator and take your cooking to the roof as well? Complete your space with a functional sink and countertop working space or how about a refrigerator too? This will definitely be an excellent way to enhance the value of your home, so think about it as a functional investment opportunity. If you would like to make your roof terrace even more fantastic, then these 6 Gorgeous, Creative and Interesting Terraces might just inspire you!

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