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From bleak to chic: a small home bursts with rustic charm

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Seville is a quaint city in Spain with a rich architectural heritage dotting the landscape. So it was particularly unfortunate that in such a city, Apartamento Salvador was lying in a neglected, gloomy state and almost falling to pieces in some places. The abode lacked colour, warmth, brightness and any aesthetic flair. But the home stagers at Inuk Home Studio transformed it into an airy, cheery and gorgeously decked and furnished living space with an inviting touch. An interesting medley of hues, textures and patterns was introduced along with organisation which has now made the residence not just habitable, but also a cosy sanctuary of sorts. So let’s explore more now!

Before: a dull, prison-like room

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

The living space in the apartment mainly sported a black and white scheme, with faded yellow and an uninspiring floor not helping matters at all. A simple drop of colour could have worked wonders for this space. It was also evident that the furniture was hastily put together without a thought for decor and appeal. Lighting was insufficient too.

After: an oasis of light and colour

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

Doesn’t this version of the living room make you want to lounge around all day? The wooden door was given a coat of light turquoise to liven up things. Adding character to the room is a bright, eye-catching geometric-print rug and matching cushions on the comfy couch. A well-placed simple wooden table and a stylish pendant lamp have done wonders to improve the look. At the far end sits a chic table and chairs near the entertainment unit. The living area opens up to the brightly lit balcony, thereby welcoming sunlight inside, while the dark wooden beams on the ceiling lend a warm rustic touch to the atmosphere.

Before: cluttered and drab kitchen

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

The kitchen originally looked cramped, dull and disorganised. Nothing was planned with taste. And the lack of proper lighting also made the space look all the more small and grimy. The stagers sure had a tough road ahead of them…

After: smart, bright makeover

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

The designers introduced a sleek countertop with inbuilt stove top for a neat and contemporary look. The backsplash is now made up of small square tiles bearing artsy patterns. The addition of simple shelves, wall hooks and baskets have freed up space on the kitchen counter, making it more organized. A couple of posters add a touch of quirk too.

Before: shabby and dilapidated bathroom

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

While redecorating, special attention was paid to the bathroom too. It was previously a depressing state of affairs in an old and chalky white. The fittings also needed a complete overhaul, and the space cried out for more brightness.

After: a play of colour and patterns

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

The bright orange under-sink cabinet not only perked things up in the revamped bathroom, but also provides storage space for towels, toiletries and such. The tiles in various patterns and colours seem to make perfect sense, keeping in line with the theme in the living area and kitchen. The residents now love the beams of natural light pervading the bathroom through the large window, while a couple of potted greens add a hint of natural freshness to the windowsill.

Before: a drab, boring spot

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

Here is a look at another corner of the living area we saw before. It was meant to be a cosy spot in which to relax and unwind, but the dreary furnishing and lack of brightness failed to serve the purpose. But the space definitely held a lot of potential.

After: sunny and characterful

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

A modish recliner now occupies the space and is accompanied by a stylish and curvy standalone lamp. A wall-mounted shelf peeks from behind the recliner, and offers space for arranging books, magazines and such. A large artwork spans the wall just above the recliner, adding pizzazz to the spot as well as the living space.

After: a quaint and charming bedroom

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

The bedroom is a quaint, vintage affair with cute turquoise window and rich wooden beams on the slanted ceiling. The bed is plush, white and inviting, and a cross-legged coffee table adds a dose of simple aesthetics to the area. Although the room is small, the minimal furniture coupled with the white walls lends the appearance of more space.

After: deliciously bright outdoors

Hôtels méditerranéens par homify Méditerranéen

This gorgeous set-up on the balcony won our hearts! Whether you’re looking to host an intimate get-together or put up your feet and read, the balcony is perfect. The potted plants and lush green carpet of grass are beautiful touches. Note how the spaces on the wall and above the door have been put to good use for flaunting green beauties. The brilliant blue jug on the stylish table is another bright pop of colour which is hard to miss!

So we just saw how bright hues, bold patterns, comfy furnishing, and the use of organic elements can transform a house from unwelcoming to inviting. We hope you got inspired! 

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