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12 easy ways to beautify your home office

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Most people think that a home office should be practical, simple and geared towards serious work. While this is all true, it is equally important to make a home office beautiful. If you're going to spend long, productive hours in this one room, it needs to look good!

A beautiful workspace will encourage you to approach work with a positive and balanced frame of mind. It will encourage you to think creatively and thus enjoy a more fruitful work life. So how can we make a home office beautiful? Well, here at homify we have lots of gorgeous workspaces. Without further ado, here are 12 of the best – there is sure to be something here to inspire!

1. Create a sitting area

We all need a little time to reflect and engage in creative thinking about our work. Make a gorgeous little sitting nook with a two-toned wall or some plush cushions. It doesn't have to be large, it just needs to be a place to shift focus and think about the larger picture.

2. Upgrade your lights

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The Bazeley Partnership

Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

Even the tiniest home office has vertical space. This workspace is small on space but big on style. Just check out the impact of this awesome yellow light-shade.

3. Life is not all about work

Our brains are hyperactive, so they latch onto visual reminders of work and we end up feeling mentally drained. Look at hiding away all stressful or work-related matter and putting your favourite objects on display.

4. Add a little drama to your colour scheme

White is one of the most popular colours in the home office. But consider adding a little drama with some seductive inky blacks or contrasts. Just look at this great monochrome example from DecorAccion!

5. Add a little old-world charm

Home offices these days are filled with modern electronic items which can feel a little soulless. So think about adding some old-world charm with some retro or vintage-style furniture like these great pieces from Goldstein & Co. They will make your home office feel warm and welcoming!

6. Create an awesome open storage unit

Consolidate all your storage into one unit and take the time to beauty it. Some cheap storage boxes, a few pretty pot plants and some quirky hanging items will make it look clean and beautiful.

7. Industrial pipe shelving

Bureau industriel par homify Industriel

If you want to combine the last two tips, look at these industrial pipe shelves. They are a great DIY project and provide both old-world charm and storage space!

8. Add some curves

People tend to label a room beautiful if it is filled with curves. Look at adding some organic lines and curves , perhaps an old birdcage or some fresh houseplants might suffice. This industrial-style home office by Co:Interior is just divine.

9. Hide the work and display the inspiration

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While we feel it is best to hide visual reminders of work, this doesn't always apply. Consider which work objects really inspire you and make you feel good. Then think about how to display them in a creative way. These coat hangers are one cool approach.

10. Add some art

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Get creative and add some art to your space! This could be some framed artwork by your children, a few quirky wall sculptures or some bold graphic prints. 

11. Get the best desk in the world

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Create your ideal desk. It doesn't have to be expensive, it could just have that perfect combination of sliding drawers and optimum width and height. If you have the space, think of placing it in the centre of the room and freeing up your wall space for decorative items.

12. Add a blackboard

When you're thinking big, there's nothing so helpful as a large floor-to-ceiling blackboard. A beautiful home office is more than just a lovely-looking space. It is a place that encourages you to see the world in a bigger and more creative way. 

If you're in a bold decorating mood, you'll love 9 ways to decorate with geometrics.

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