9 easy ways to create a romantic bedroom

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9 easy ways to create a romantic bedroom

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Have your sleeping quarters become more perfunctory than peaceful? Do you need to invite cupid into your bedroom to spruce things up? The fact is, our bedrooms are more than simply a place to sleep; they are areas we share with our partners, ourselves, and they form crucial resting spaces that can enhance our lives if decorated well.

Luckily, small changes to the decor and decoration of a room will make all the difference to the overall appearance and ambience. If you want to evoke a little romanticism within your bedroom, we have collected 9 essential tips and tricks that will help you to design your space with enchantment and intrigue. So, flirt with your bedroom's design and choose some new and interesting elements that are sure to give it the aesthetic boost it deserves! 

1. Bed curtains

Nothing says romance more than curtains around one's bed. This effortlessly chic French provincial bedroom is testament to that, and looks wonderfully stylish, as well as seamlessly romantic.

2. Sumptuous bed linen

If you want your room to feel romantic you need to ensure your bed is inviting and alluring. The solution: sumptuous bed linen. Choose feather and down quilts, luxury bedspreads and watch your room transform into a palatial wonderland!

3. Dark and brooding

Vinegar Hill Apartment Chambre moderne par General Assembly Moderne
General Assembly

Vinegar Hill Apartment

General Assembly

To create romance you need to create mood, and a dark colour scheme can help you achieve that. This room is a wonderful example, with tropical wallpaper and a rich viridian ceiling hue. 

4. The effects of timber

Chalet Gstaad Chambre rustique par Ardesia Design Rustique
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Timber can do wonders for a room's sense of luxury and romance. Evoke a chalet-esque vibe with timber furniture, cladding and accessories. 

5. Candles and flowers

Candles are synonymous with romance and love. Choose scented candles to further the romantic ambience within your bedroom space, and pair with a fresh bouquet of flowers. 

6. Fabulous fireplaces

Chambre originale par Deu i Deu Éclectique

Although there is rarely a time where a fireplace is needed in Hong Kong's hot climate, an open fire can really help create a romantic aesthetic in your bedroom. 

7. Luxury light fittings

As well as bed linen, accessories, and colour scheme, light fittings are another essential that help to evoke a certain mood and ambience. Here the chandelier works wonderfully as a standout item, oozing whimsical romance. 

8. Wall tattoos

Wall tattoos are a simple alternative to wallpaper and can instantly create a desired aura in your home. Say what you are thinking with a quote or statement written above your bed, or on a feature wall. 

If you need some help with the decor and design of your bedroom, chat to a professional to get some expert advice.

9. Go sheer!

Finally, our last tip is all about textiles and fabric. When it comes to romance you need to employ and embrace sheer materials. Incorporate sheer everything, from your bed curtains to your robe, for that truly luxurious and romantic ambience.

If you need some more bedroom inspiration, check out: Turn your bedroom into a calming oasis.

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