12 Modern Nursery Design Ideas to Impress and Inspire You

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Simplicity in design and functionality of style makes modern nursery a practical choice for modern parents. It won't be wrong to say that when designing the nursery or children's room, the parents' simple dream is a snugly safe and happy room for the baby where they can grow wrapped in the warmth of love and comfort. Modern nursery design aspires to be calming, comforting, and cohesive to fit the parents' aesthetic aspirations and be filled with attractive elements to delight the baby. So, get inspired by our professional designers' modern nursery/children's room design and equip your baby's room with an aesthetically comforting atmosphere to thrive happily in a clean and clutter-free room under your loving wings.

1. Bold and beautiful

Design the nursery to make it bold and beautiful with lots going on the wall, a comfy rug on the floor, a metal crib and a rocking chair and pedestal for the long nights you will spend there, rocking on the chair. 

2. Cinderella carriage

Build up a Cinderella carriage for your princess nursery, the memory of which she will cherish forever.

3. Aesthetically functional

This modern nursery design is a perfect example of what a comfortable, functional space should be. The combination of grey and white on the walls and ceiling and blush pink furniture is a pretty modern shade to adore the room. A crib on the top, bed below with a pull-out bed that can be pulled out for you when your baby needs you or when you lie down watching your children playing on the wooden floor or studying on the study table.

4. Popping Red and yellow

Make the nursery modern, even popping in the brightness of red and yellow by balancing it with white dominating the rest of the space. The Lego style furniture creates the excitement perfect for the nursery.

5. Expression on the wall

A beautiful nursery with three same-size pictures apt for a nursery decorates the room. With furniture and furnishing in the combination of black and white, the pictures also bring colour into the decor.

6. Modern minimalist

Quiet and quaint in modern minimalism, this nursery basks elegantly in the simplicity of design and a color palette that builds up a relaxing atmosphere.

7. Creative solution to practical problem

When space is the limitation, use your imagination to build a nursery for your baby above your bed. A wooden staircase connects you to your world, the color palette suited for parents and baby alike, and a home office allowing you to work from home; it’s perfect!

8. Slanting with the slope

The slating roof fits the bed, and the extra room in the loft can well be designed to become the nursery to welcome your baby. The pastel shade creates a serene and calm environment.

11. The jungle theme

The jungle theme painted on the wall, a crib for the baby, and a rocking chair for you to rock your baby for those days and nights of play and story with the baby build up an attractive nursery.

9. World on the wall

The power of the 3D illusion of Nemo world created on the wall will open up the world of imagination in your baby's nursery. The normal bed with protection on the side can be removed once your baby has outgrown the crib. You can choose any theme you wish for your child.

10. Nursery with a camping tent

A colorful tent on one side, a curtain partitioning the parent's bedroom and a crib for the baby in the middle is a perfect way to protect your privacy while keeping an eye on your baby in a young couple's home. 

12. Crib with an attached play zone

A modern multi-purpose crib has all the comfort for the baby attached to it. While the covered crib will give you peace of mind when your child is asleep, the hut-shaped play zone will be a perfect place to spend playtime with your baby.

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