12 amazing kitchens that you will never want to leave!

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12 amazing kitchens that you will never want to leave!

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Cuisine moderne par LEICHT Küchen AG Moderne
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Kitchen design is on the up as more materials are available, DIY projects are plentiful and easy installation and cost-friendly substitutes are available for all on the vast market. For most, the kitchen is an area of the home that promotes familial relationships, closeness, friendly gatherings and lots of food – making it a central aspect of life and survival. Of course, as you know this is not a recent discovery or concept, and as our lives become busier and more fast-paced by the hour, our kitchen technologies and accessibility has had to transform as well.

We still love the idea of the kitchen being the area of your home where you can unwind from long days, cook together with those you love and enjoy life's little moments.  Below are some of our favourite kitchen designs featured here at homify – from French country to technologically advanced and Asian minimalism, we have your kitchen dreams easily covered!

French fresh

The idea and concept behind a classic French kitchen is accessibility to fresh ingredients, a limited yet high-quality wine collection and an area to enjoy both with great company.  

This rustic and fresh French country-style kitchen allows the original substances and materials of the home to show through while maintaining a modern and minimal feel with exposed shelving

Perky & preppy

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Cuisine moderne par Harvey Jones Kitchens Moderne
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

Looking to brighten up your kitchen to enjoy a healthier lifestyle or simply some new inspiration? Why not add some fresh, pastel coats of paint and replace your old work tops and countertops with primed and sealed wood for an ultra smooth and refined look.  

Of course, don't forget the details – a simple bouquet of flowers can add the most special touch!

Rustic & refined

Cuisine rustique par homify Rustique Céramique

Similar in style and feel to the French country-style kitchen, this rustic kitchen is a bit more refined with the addition of sealed raw wood countertops and great tile work. 

The area is kept organized, clean and hygienic as the shelves are exposed, neatly displaying all the kitchen has to offer. 

Technologically modern

If you tend to be in a hurry and can't seem to find time to cook very often, make sure your kitchen has all the technology and appliances you need to make the most of your fast-paced lifestyle.  

From defrosters, microwaves, instant heaters and quick water cookers, investing in the right appliances can turn a one-hour meal into a perfect, 15-minute meal for those constantly on the go!


Industrial-style kitchens have recently risen in popularity because of their beauty and functionality. With concrete flooring, subway-tile backsplashes, exposed pipes and beams and perfectly old-school pendant lighting fixtures, it's no wonder so many homeowners and designers have fallen in love with the industrial style.

It's truly a beautiful look, where the details are the most important aspects, and through time, these details soften up the starkness of industrialised spaces.

Check out this ideabook for inspiration on how to create a perfectly industrialised kitchen! 

Modern marble

Looking for the right materials for the best kitchen around? Why not choose marble for use in your kitchen? Marble is quite an expensive material but it can handle wear-and-tear like the best of them! 

Can't afford marble? Take a look at other natural stones, like granite, that can replicate the beautiful look of marble for a fraction of the price and provide just as much functionality.

Efficiently cute

Live in a solo condo or apartment and want the perfect kitchen? It is possible if you work with what you have! 

Add some great, high-end stainless steel appliances and mahogany countertops – top that off with an exposed brick wall and you're well on your way to a refined and timeless kitchen area.

Quaint & retro-fitted

Creatively using tiles and mixing them with Scandinavian or vintage furnishings in your kitchenette or dining area is the perfect way to customise and personalise a space that is representative of you. 

Check out how this small kitchenette by Ekaterina Donde Design, through a random mixture of light fixtures, furnishings and pastels, creates a subtle and interesting space!

Health-conscious kitchen

If you're after a healthy lifestyle, then your kitchen is the first place you should look to make changes.  A healthy lifestyle is 90% what you eat and 10% exercise – with that being said, make small and necessary reforms in your kitchen and slowly but surely your life will begin to change drastically.

Open your kitchen up to fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits – for a special touch, use eco-friendly materials to show your respect to Mother Earth! 

Neutralised minimalism

Keeping things simple, fresh and minimal is always a good idea – especially in the kitchen! Why not stick with neutral colours, some interesting light fixtures and a great dark-coloured backsplash for some added boldness and structure. 

The lines of this kitchen are highly horizontally, making the width of the room look bigger by means of optical illusion!


Open your windows, paint everything white and include large, white light fixtures to create an open-concept kitchen with great views like seen here.  Even the dark-grain wood floors add a perfectly rustic touch to this highly-modern space.

Asian modernism

Cuisine moderne par homify Moderne

Asian modernism/minimalism has recently risen in the ranks of the design world as being similar to Scandinavian minimalism, yet with a refined and quirky touch.  

If an open-concept kitchen is what you're after and you want all the technology and bold, high-end appliances that bring a refined look to your space, then look no further than this inspiration.

Want more kitchen inspo? Find out how to create a healthy lifestyle kitchen!

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