A Home in the South Korean Hillside

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A Home in the South Korean Hillside

Megan Harris Megan Harris
Maisons modernes par 엔디하임 - ndhaim Moderne
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This home was designed by Ndhaim, a design-build company in South Korea. The generous home is nestled in an equally generous plot, surrounded by lush hillsides. 

Windows are thoughtfully positioned, making the most of these stunning views while allowing ample light to penetrate the space. The material palette is simple and sophisticated; white monolithic cladding is accompanied by dark metallic and timber claddings. 

The interior gives itself over to its inhabitants – as the container of their lives, it is a very personal reflection of their personalities. Now let's take a closer look, outside and in, so you can see for yourself!

The main facade

Here, we can see the various materials thoughtfully orchestrated to create a striking main facade. The home has a strong horizontality, and the sheer mass of this long face is broken up through both the materiality and the formal composition. 

Deep recesses have been carved out to house balcony and patio inlets. The result appears considered, variegated, and balanced. 

The secondary facade

As we wrap around the corner, we begin to recognise the strong, directional linearity of the house. Here, it appears narrow and slender – a complete contrast to its adjacent face! 

The finished floor level is set well above the finished ground level, evidenced by the stone base. This means a step, or a few steps, are needed to enter through the front door; a device that is commonly used in Japanese architecture, and appropriated by other cultures, to denote threshold. Separating in from out, preserving their difference, it elevates the moment between oneself and one's environment or situation.

The conservatory

Stepping inside this conservatory space, we begin to appreciate the magnificence of the surrounding landscape. Glass encases the walls and ceiling, while fabric blinds are hung beneath the ceiling for sun shade. 

A large timber table, accompanied by both bench seating and larger wicker chairs, offers a wonderful informal dining space that simultaneously feels inside and outside! For more conservatory ideas, take a look here!


This bookcase wall between the stairwell and the upper level articulates the dialogue between space and inhabitants, design and situation.  It is only through the addition of the inhabitants books that an interface is created between these two spaces; providing a degree of separation. 

This interface, as a personal expression of the individuals, is entirely reflective of who is living within the space. Could the most subtle changes, such as the removal or addition of books, create an indefinable, but perceptible, presence?

Personal and playful

Again, we see that the occupants belongings infuse the space with a sense of their personality and tastes. This delightful shelf houses an array of ornaments and plants – it is playful and personal. For more storage ideas, take at these Innovative Storage Solutions for Small Houses!

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