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9 Beautiful Ideas to Build Cheapest House on a low budget

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Building a house is an expensive affair as everything from the labor to material cost shoots your budget, and often you end up paying much higher than you had planned. When we talk about building a house, we do not only mean the bungalow or independent homes constructed on the land. A home is also in the apartments we buy after shelling out our hard-earned money to call it our own. The interior designers will indeed work to reduce your home's cost and keep it within the budget. We've curated a few innovative ideas by our professionals, the cheap hacks to help you build the house on a low budget and transform it into your dream home.

1. Keep the architectural style modern and minimalist

Spend some time to find a good architect who follows the philosophy of modern architecture and make a plan for a simple, fuss-free house with simple geometry. A home with clear lines and angles free of curves and complexities will drastically reduce the labor and material cost. It will be a substantial saving, and the modern minimalist look of the house will look attractive.

2. Cementing the wall

Concrete on the wall saves a lot since it is much cheaper than a plastered wall with texture or wallpaper. The cement wall's raw look in its natural shade brings a modern industrial charm into the home décor, and it is maintenance-free.

3. Concrete steps for the staircase

Opt for a rustic style for the staircase and use concrete slaps to construct the steps instead of the costly materials like wood, stone or ceramic tiles. Team it with metal guardrails and it will be a perfectly created rustic staircase on a low budget.

4. Move close to nature and follow the traditional route to reduce the cost

Walk the traditional route to reduce the construction cost of your house. Choose the conventional materials, style, and keep the scope of natural light and air to flush space. Mosaic tiles are cheaper than the expensive vitrified tiles and are easy to maintain. Open brick wall saves the cost of plastering along with enhancing the elegance of the space. Keep it simple, stick to traditional, and enjoy the uniqueness in décor way within the budget.

5. Smart optimization of space

Look for space in the house that can be used for multiple purposes and indirectly saves money spent on interior décor and furniture. Like here, the window sitting designed on the windowpane doubles up to be the bedroom seating area cum daybed. With this arrangement in the bedroom, you will not need to spend an extra bedroom sitting space.

6. Engineered versus the natural wood

There is no doubt that the natural wood looks and feels rich and elegant. However, if you go for engineered wood, the factory-made cheaper timber version, it will substantially reduce the cost. The engineered wood is available in a variety of quality in different price ranges.

7. Exposed beams, fittings and fixture

Exposed beams on the ceilings, electrical wires connecting the lamps, and pipes running exposed on the walls are common industrial style hacks in home décor. Blend it with the modern minimalist style to give the home interior a rustic charm. Apart from saving the cost spent on hiding it behind the plasters, it is functional too since it will be easy to maintain and fix when the problem comes.  

8. Something new and something old

Think before throwing out the old piece of wood or metal furniture. You can easily recycle and reuse in your new home, keep memories of the old alive, and save money. Paint the wooden furniture and refurbish it before using it or installing it in the kitchen cabinet.

9. Open space for a better planning

Open space plan in a modern home is quite popular, and for a good reason. The open plan brings the social area together, where the lights and space flow into one another unobstructed. Fewer walls mean fewer materials required to build it and more savings. So, plan for an open plan home interior if you are looking for ways to reduce the cost.

Check out this ideabook to get more ideas for planning open plan space: Open plan living areas; combining the living room, dining room, and kitchen

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