​10 Kitchens To Take Your Breath Away

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​10 Kitchens To Take Your Breath Away

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
AR Design Studio- Abbots Way Cuisine moderne par AR Design Studio Moderne
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You may use your living room for formal entertaining, but the kitchen is where life happens. Working on that fabulous meal, catching up on gossip with a friend, helping the kids with homework, or just sitting quietly at the breakfast nook while waiting for your caffeine fix to kick in – that’s what the kitchen space is all about.  

To celebrate the heart of the home, we have gathered 10 of our most awe-inspiring kitchens that seem right for all (and more) of those actions. 

Which one will work for you? Which one do you wish was yours? Which one is perfect for entertaining, and which one is better suited for a close-knit family? You decide!

A rustic beauty

There is something undeniably charming about a rustic, farmhouse-type kitchen. And this kitchen uses all the winning elements: stone walls, textured wood, solid concrete, and a fantastic combination of neutral tones. 

Of course one cannot overlook the generous space, meaning that cook and company can both move with relevant ease in this kitchen. 

And there’s no forgetting about those charming cabinet doors, very reminiscent of an old barn-type setting.

Simply striking

If you’ve got it, flaunt it – that is clearly this kitchen’s motto, another exquisite creation by Brazilian experts Tikkanen Architects.

It’s quite difficult to determine which element pops out first: the cherry-red countertops; that fun and funky backsplash with its multitude of colours and patterns; the cocoa-brown wood of the cabinets; or the select surfaces of stainless steel that demand our attention.

Deliciously rural

A rural kitchen par excellence! Similar to our first kitchen, this culinary creation is also adorned with neutral tones, yet a strong helping of sage green was added to the mix. All furniture pieces and décor also adapt expertly to the quaint charm of this kitchen. 

Our favourite element is definitely that table with its country-style spindle legs – the perfect spot to place that fresh-out-of-the-oven bread.

Sleek and slim

Now for a more modern-meets-minimalist scene, which immediately grabs our attention. It’s a stylish contest between the off-white tones and glamorous dark wood to see which one gets the most attention. But don’t forget about those stainless steel surfaces, making fabulous appearances in the legs of the stools and island. 

Notice the fantastic way that island makes use of open storage/display areas, ensuring this kitchen is not just practical, but also very artistic.

Cooking that’s chic

You get modern, and then you get chic – and this kitchen definitely falls in the latter category. Making use of the winning monochrome combination (white and black), it was decided to up the style factor considerably by adding in a fiery red touch, which is why those stools are so striking. 

Modern appliances, lots of prepping surfaces, the right amount of décor… this kitchen does everything right!  

Some planning is in order! Let’s see: What to keep in mind when planning a kitchen.

A futuristic vision

What happens when you mix industrial with minimalist? You get this ultra fabulous kitchen that gives us a visualization of what the modern kitchen will look like in the future (hopefully). 

Stylish, striking, and simply stunning, the use of polished concrete and glossy surfaces is just the right amount of contrast. And who would have ever dreamed that turquoise blue could look so invitingly warm in a kitchen?

Exotic elegance

The modern style is undoubtedly here to stay, but it’s amazing what can be achieved when adding in touches from other styles – like our example above. Combine a stylish modern kitchen with some exposed ceiling beams and exposed brick wall, and you are blessed with a fantastic culinary space where every surface is eye-catching. 

Our favourite element? Those crisp-white floating shelves against that red brick wall. Simply spectacular!

Good morning to you

Snack bar for 4 Cuisine moderne par homify Moderne

Snack bar for 4


Black on white will always be the supreme of colour contrasts, yet the real magic happens when you bring in a third colour. Case in point, our kitchen above, where a bright and sunny yellow plants a friendly kiss on those calm and sophisticated neutrals. 

A spacious island with decent seating, high-tech appliances, and a healthy dose of natural lighting ensure that this kitchen is not just beautiful, but also practical.

Ideal for family

Fallowfield | Traditional English Country Kitchen Cuisine classique par Davonport Classique Bois Effet bois

Fallowfield | Traditional English Country Kitchen


The heart of the home needs to be friendly in addition to practical. Not a problem for our choice above, as this country-style kitchen seems like the perfect place to gather first thing in the morning. 

A round, soft breakfast bar; warm wooden floors; charming yet sophisticated colours – they’re all here!

White and bright

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way Cuisine moderne par AR Design Studio Moderne
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way

AR Design Studio

We close off our list with an artistic approach to the kitchen. Crisp white surfaces, slim lines, metal touches, and neutral hues all play their parts fantastically well in this kitchen that looks like a fashion runway. 

Can’t you see yourself sitting on one of those slim stools, sipping Chardonnay while admiring your ultra glamorous kitchen? Yes, so can we!

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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