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Note when touring Cu Lao Cham

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Visiting the islands in Cu Lao Cham by high-speed canoe The high-speed boat rental service to visit all 8 small islands in Cu Lao Cham Hoi An is also one of the activities that many tourists love. Bai Ong in Cu Lao Cham The water in the old well of Cham never runs out, even if it dries up. where. Therefore, some tours that meet the needs of many adventurous tourists will be brought to Bai Be to enjoy a different, more exotic feeling than familiar beaches like Bai Ong, Bai Chong on Cu Lao Cham island cluster

For seafood in general and abalone in particular, boiled dish will always retain its delicious taste. Although Thanh Hoang Temple is not large, it is a unique and typical building in Cu Lao Cham, because with its arched architecture, ceramic mosaic decorations and the seeds on the roof are very harmonious Da Nang Booking Arts International has just provided you with the latest information and images about Mieu Thanh Hoang Lao Cu Lao Cham. Should prepare seafaring items such as hats, slippers, glasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, ... Cu Lao Cham prohibits breaking coral and bringing corals back to land

With a little season of seasoning, you get a bowl of rocky vegetable crab soup with a sweet, sweet taste that makes people who enjoy it forget the heat of heaven and earth. Stone Crab Stone crab is a popular dish of the people here. Da Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and images about Cu Lao Cham Vegetable

If you see this article, please share it for family and friends to explore. Da Nang Booking has just provided information about the beaches in Cu Lao Cham. But only squid can process a delicious squid

We would like to thank you and see you in the next post. With the clear blue water and the gentle morning light shining through the deep sea, the coral reefs are both sparkling, iridescent, and magical. People call this beach Bai Bac probably also comes from the position of this island compared to other islands in Cu Lao Cham

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