7 easy art deco interior design ideas...that won't blow the budget

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7 easy art deco interior design ideas… that won't blow the budget

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
par Lehmann Art Deco Architekt Moderne
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There’s something so enigmatic about the roaring 20s. No doubt, people’s attitudes and aesthetics were changing. Books like The Great Gatsby do a great job of capturing this spirit. One thing that lives on today is the iconic art deco style of this time period. The flashy, sometimes brutalist look of the 20s and 30s is unmistakable in its distinctly eclectic design features are worth emulating. 

Not quite sure how to recreate this look in your home? We’ve prepared a guide for that, and you don’t need Gatsby’s fortune to do it. Here are seven ways to create art deco design in your home.

Buy mirrored accessories

Art deco is often flashy and gilded to reflect the times. Therefore, adding some reflective surfaces to your home is the first step in attaining the art deco style. You can add actual mirrors, mirrored stick-on laminate, or just opt for shiny dishware and fruit bowls. 

Gold and silver metallic items will do wonders for the look. This black and shiny chrome kitchen island by Landhausküche Brandstetter Gmbh, for example, adds an art deco punch to an otherwise modern, minimalist kitchen.

Add bold, geometric wallpaper

Bauhaus Swirl Wallpaper, Freshmint par Mitas & Co. Wallpapers & Textiles Moderne
Mitas & Co. Wallpapers & Textiles

Bauhaus Swirl Wallpaper, Freshmint

Mitas & Co. Wallpapers & Textiles

In addition to a specific host of colours and textures, art deco style is all about geometry. Bold and sumptuous geometric patterns featuring black or dark green and gold will give your home the perfect art deco backdrop. 

To save money, try adding a simple feature wall of wallpaper rather than investing in the entire room. This will serve as an updated twist on the original look.

Add obscure art from the 20s and 30s

Since art deco style rose to popularity in the 20s and 30s, simply including items from this era is a no brainer approach to achieving the art deco look you want. Head to your local antiques shop or search around online for obscure art that originated from this era. 

There are plenty of options to choose from, including vases and small statues as well as artwork. This golden wall mount certainly resembles something out of an Ayn Rand novel.

Add unexpected colourful accents with unique furniture pieces

Another feature of art deco is its sense of contrast. For this reason, adding some unexpected colourful accents to your art deco interior is an excellent idea. 

This black office with shining details is brought to a whole new level of art deco style with the addition of these bright red furnishings.

Look for small pieces of Egyptian, African, and South American decoration

Interestingly, much of the art deco look is actually inspired by the aesthetics of ancient civilizations. In fact, many iconic elements of art deco design simply remake these old motifs in new colours and materials. 

Adding some Egyptian, African, or South American artwork or items featuring images from these places will help to put the finishing touches on your decorative scheme.

Avoid fluff and frills—use shiny fabrics or textiles

Salle à manger originale par homify Éclectique

If you love a lot of plush fluff and frills in your home, art deco style probably isn’t for you. That’s because this look is notoriously all about looking sleek and shiny. 

Go with furnishings in streamlined shapes and minimise your use of textiles. When they are necessary, choose shinier surfaces like these silvery chairs. Exotic woods are most welcome here, too.

Make the base colour neutral

While frills and fluff don’t belong in art deco design, there is a way to keep the look soft. Going neutral with your base colour scheme will help to keep your home from looking like it is the lair of an evil villain. Choose gold and cream colour tones to attain a neutral palette that is in line with the characteristics of art deco.

Love period styles? Check out this guide to achieving the elegant baroque style in your home.

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