6 ideas for a dreamy loft-style interior

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Lofts are conversions of industrial facilities into viable living areas. They are spacious, stylish, and innovative. While people living in cities are searching for housing solutions to rising real estate prices and the shortage of viable apartment options, the loft offers the perfect solution. 

The urban loft is all the rage right now, and we cannot get enough of them. The open design of the loft has always been a favourite of creatives, but this look can work for just about anyone; even a family can live comfortably in a loft. We can't all up sticks and move into a converted old warehouse, but believe it or not we CAN replicate the look wherever we are. Here are 6 creative ways to attain that fabulous loft style in your home.

Use industrial materials

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Industrial materials work wonderfully in a loft-inspired space, because lofts are first and foremost industrial spaces. Most trendy loft apartments in cities across the world were once used as factories or warehouses. Keeping this character alive in your look will certainly help to bring the loft style to life, especially because industrial décor largely originated in the loft. 

Some options include warehouse style ceilings, black and metal materials, restaurant grade kitchen appliances, subway tiles, and raw wooden furniture.

Create room and space: choose an open plan

It is almost a travesty for a loft space to be divided into a bunch of smaller rooms. Open plan living spaces are one of the main hallmarks of loft style living, and certainly one of their greatest appeals as well. 

To get this feel in your home, we strongly urge you to consider going with an open plan. Open floor plans are ideal for socialising and will help encourage communal interaction among family members, too.

Make full use of the height

Most lofts are endowed with high ceilings, too. While high ceilings are inherently a nice quality, it would be a pity not to take full advantage of all that extra vertical space. 

Making full use of the high ceilings could be as simple as hanging tall artwork or a large light fixture, but we also recommend adding a mezzanine like the one pictured in this loft by Imago Design. They make for great storage spaces and can also double up as a bedroom or study.

Choosing the right furniture

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When it comes to choosing the right furniture for the loft space, there are lots of different options. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you’ll want to opt for furnishings that will help give definition to the open plan. 

Choosing lots of small pieces may be good for a little apartment, but the loft will only dwarf these things further. Rustic vintage and upcycled furniture, like those featured in this loft, are always good choices, but contrastingly decorative, antique items work well too.

Add a cool lighting concept

One way to take full advantage of the high ceilings in your loft is by implementing a cool lighting concept. The minimalist pendulum light is a classic feature of industrial design, and track lighting like these will also go nicely in the loft apartment. 

Alternatively, feel free to get creative with the light fixtures! A crystal chandelier could even serve as the focal point of the space.

Loft style décor

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Like the furniture, the décor you choose to include in your loft-like space can be quite stylistically versatile. While industrial style items are always a good option, the reason artists love loft apartments is that they allow them to explore their creativity. We invite you to do the same! 

Feel free to hang that bold painting or to mix and match styles, too! Here, for example, soft neutral tones are combined with metallic ones to create an aesthetically interesting look.

For some more inspiration, check out this loft conversion in Barcelona

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