Small house? 8 tips to maximise space to the fullest

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Small house? 8 tips to maximise space to the fullest

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Studio Mieke Meijer
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In this day and age, many of us can personally attest to the fact that space is an increasingly expensive commodity. In most major towns and cities across the globe, real estate prices have skyrocketed in recent decades. More than this, some would rather sacrifice a bit of room for an excellent location, and others opt to hang on to their affordable property even as their family grows larger. 

Whatever your reason for finding yourself in a living situation where space feels particularly constrained, know that you are certainly not alone! More than this, we at homify truly believe that the right strategies and techniques can help you to get far more out of your tiny abode than you ever thought possible. Here are eight easy tips for maximising space in a small home.

1. The fewer walls the better

Once upon a time builders and architects thought it was a good idea to compartmentalise spaces into rooms based on their specific functions. This is not the case nowadays, where open floor plans have become all the rage. 

If you’re pining for space, an open plan will help open up your options by creating a more open, multipurpose living area. Plus, the open plan has been known to foster more communal interaction between housemates and family members.

2. Consider the structure of your bed

While the bed is probably one of the bulkier furniture items in your home, it can actually be used to more efficiently maximise space. You can opt for a bed with a minimal frame to eliminate excess. 

Alternatively, there are beds with headboards that act as walls or bookcases, a good option for anyone working on a studio apartment. Some models also come with built in storage space beneath the mattress. Don’t be afraid to turn what might be a furnishing enemy in a small apartment into one of your greatest allies!

3. Use every nook and cranny

Vue d'ensemble: Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Vue d'ensemble

Marion Rocher

You may not realise it at first, but most of use really leave a lot of space unused in the home. Whether it’s the abundantly high ceilings or that closet that houses our clutter, take some time to look at your home with fresh eyes. 

Determine which spots aren’t already harbouring the essentials. Perhaps there’s space to add a loft or to transform that closet of odds and ends into a lovely little half bathroom. In this apartment by Marion Rocher, the designers managed to incorporate both.

4. Use free space for shelves

Still not so sure how to use those empty spaces in the apartment? Adding shelves is never a bad idea. They make for marvellous storage areas, and you can use them to show off some decorative items. 

One particularly clever shelving option is to add them around the doorframe, as pictured here. We can bet that you probably aren’t currently using this space!

5. Get low

Another place to look in the search for underutilised spaces in the home is beneath the furniture. In the bedroom, for instance, you will find that there is ample space beneath the bed for stowing various items like off-season clothing. 

Try selecting tables and chairs that have built in shelves beneath them like this bench at the foot of the bed. Many coffee tables and nightstands offer this feature.

6. Hide furniture away while you're not using it

A classic strategy for freeing up some space in the home is to choose folding furniture that you can simply hide away whilst not using it. 

Folding beds might be one of the most well known types of folding furniture, but folding tables, desks, and even little nightstands like this one are incredibly useful, especially for those living in a one-room apartment.

7. Do more with your stairs

The best way to maximise space is to go vertical. There are countless ways to do this, but one particularly useful option is to make your stairs do double duty. 

Start by utilising the space beneath your stairs. You can use it for storage or even make a little room here. You can certainly get pretty innovative with the stairs, as evidenced by this configuration!

8. Create the illusion of space

Now that you’ve properly utilised your existing space, it’s time to take things to the next level by enhancing the amount of perceived space in your home. 

To do this, add mirrors as decorations. They literally multiply the amount of space apparent in a given room. Additionally, try choosing glass for things like bannisters or clear plastic for chairs.

Looking for more? Check out this guide to spacious living in a small apartment

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