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Warm or cool: the right colour for every room

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Colours are powerful. Colours are soothing. Colours are eye-catching. Colours are fun. With so many adjectives to describe colours, it is indeed important to choose them wisely when decorating your room. You just cannot afford to go wrong when choosing colours as one simple mistake can be a costly affair.

The colour palette can be broadly divided into warm and cool colours. The warm colours comprise of red, yellow, cream, orange. Blues, greens, and greys are considered the cool colours. When the warm and the cool colours meet, like the ones in the rainbow, a hybrid colour is formed. For example, a mix of blue and yellow would give green, and, depending on which colour is more predominant of the two, it would fall towards the warm or the cool category. It is said that warm colours are stimulating while cool colours represent calm and peace. Confused on which colour to choose for your rooms? Check out these tips and make the right choice!

Freestyle in the kitchen

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When it comes to the kitchen, do remember the golden rule. It need not always be white! You can opt for either warm colours like red or yellow if it suits you, or even go for the cool shades of blue or green. All of them create a warm and welcoming space. Hence do not rack your brains to make a colour choice for your kitchen. Just ensure it blends well with the colour scheme of the entire house.

Go warm in the dining room

The dining room, a space where the whole family catches up for dinner or a quick breakfast, needs special attention. Warm colours such as red, spicy orange or truffle brown pep up the dining space and help to create a bold look. Pale flooring and some natural lighting would make your dining room look complete!

Mix it up for the living room

Making a choice for the living room totally depends on the kind of person you are. If you're the bold and the socially outgoing type, then go for the warm shades like red or orange. They are stimulating and convey intense emotions. On the other hand, if you want the look of a calm or cosy living room, go for cool shades of grey. 

Neutral shades are visually pleasing and add a touch of class to your living room. A feeling of luxury is present in rooms with neutral shades. You can also opt for paints with higher gloss levels that make the room look classy. A grey living room is an excellent option to consider and can make any room to stand out from the rest.

Kids go bright and bold

This is the room where your kids are going to spend hours of time and it definitely needs to be attractive. In fact, a children's room is a terrific place to play around with colour. Bold, bright and uniquely coloured rooms reflect the lively nature of children. Hence without any doubt, opt for bright shades and warm tones. All said, the room should reflect the personality of the child. Hence, pick colours that truly reflect them to create the space that they are going to live in. Deck the room with toys and bright accessories to make the room look more interesting. However, if you have a baby, consider softer colours. The shades of paint and lighting must be kept soothing and pleasant. If you have teenagers at home, then orange is a great colour choice. It’s a fun and bold shade.

This colourful kids' room was designed by Canatelli Arquitetura E Design, based in Tietê.

Gentle hues for the bedroom

Cool colours like blue are most suitable for private rooms like a bedroom. They create a calm and serene atmosphere setting up the mood for some romance or rest. In fact, it is also said that blue helps reduce blood pressure, thus helping you to catch more sound sleep. The most preferred choice for the bedroom after a cool blue is warm yellow. Yellow is said to not only promote deep sleep but also to help relax the body by calming the nerves. Green, silver and orange are other good shades to consider for your bedroom.

Tone it down at the office

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The way you decorate your home office can actually have an impact on the way you work. Even a fresh coat of paint can be very effective. Make a choice of paint colours that will inspire your work which in turn will impact the success of your business. Again, neutral shades are the preferred option in this segment as well. Go for shades of grey or a light yellow that gives a refreshing yet subtle look to the walls. It is usually good practice to make the colour of your office different from the other rooms in your home. This boundary will serve as a subliminal reminder to maintain a balance in your life.

Unwind in the bathroom

A lot of people refrain from experimenting with different shades in the bathroom. White or cream remain the most common choice. However, there are so many other shades that can turn your bathroom into a retreat! As mentioned earlier, neutral shades are warm and cozy. You can pair them with bright-coloured curtains and artwork in the bathroom. You can incorporate the cool colour of granite and team it with dark wood floors to warm up the hue. A black vanity can add to a final touch of class. Switch on the relaxation mode in your bathroom with soft green paint that gives a spa-like feel. If you still want to stick to the traditional white, all is not lost. This classic neutral paint colour can be dressed with textured layers. Salvaged wood, shiny glass tiles, and straw baskets can be considered as an add-on in your bathroom.

Colours have the inherent ability to transform even an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. Play with them and transform your home into a classic abode!

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