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It is easy to overlook the fitness of the body and mind due to several reasons. Perhaps it’s the recent lockdown that the world is witnessing that has helped put things in perspective for most people. It’s seldom the lack of time dictated by fast-paced lifestyles but rather the lack of motivation that stands in the way of a workout. While the idea of visiting the gym or yoga studio helps to set things right for one’s fitness goals, in times when social distancing is necessary, it’s wise to set up a workout or meditation base at home. It’s as simple as allocating a room or dedicated area for exercise. Creating a tranquil space in one’s home requires bringing together the right elements that set the mood for an effective workout or meditation session. Explore these ideas suggested by interior designers and decorators on homify for inspiration!

1. A rendezvous with nature

A connect with nature rejuvenates the body and mind, and what better place to do so than in the balcony? The simple addition of potted plants to the balcony can render an otherwise lifeless area into one that brims with good vibes and positivity. Start the day with a refreshing morning workout with the fresh cool breeze as the perfect workout companion or wind up the day by meditating and reconnecting with nature.

2. Terrace transformation

The terrace is often neglected and is generally used to set up the clothesline in Indian households. An alternate purpose for it would be to turn the area into a zen garden. The floor can be lined with soft carpets with the addition of pebbles to accentuate the look. Feng shui elements such as a Buddha statue, and if possible, a water feature, can turn the terrace garden into the ideal meditation corner.

3. A comfortable setup

With a small rug, blanket, pillow or low lying furniture, it is possible to create a cosy corner in any area of the house. The idea is to play with colours and textures to add a warm, homey touch that makes the area ideal for any sort of workout, yoga or meditation. Adding candles or incense contributes to the ambience giving rise to the perfect environment to relax and unwind.

4. A backyard haven

The backyard could be limited to a single stretch of greenery, but with smart planning, it’s possible to turn the area into a personal spa. Set aside a small portion for a water body, while the lawn can have stones to outline a path. The seating corner can have a set of cushions or yoga mats, which can be used for the daily workout. Surround the area with greenery, shrubs and flowers for an immersive experience into nature.

5. It’s all about the ambience

The key to creating the perfect meditation corner is the ambience. Drapes help to create a warm, welcoming environment by shutting away the lights and sounds of the outside world. Faux lighting adds a unique touch to the area. With the right set of elements, such as music and lighting, a tranquil corner is simple to create.

6. Bright, bold colors

An alluring setup consists of the right colours, elements and most importantly, comfort. The perfect mix of elements can encourage a rigorous workout or a perhaps a quiet meditative session depending on one’s preference. Cushions, rugs, and earthen pots of a single colour can make for the ideal meditation corner just about anywhere.

7. Indoor zen garden

Zen gardens comprise of eight main elements, namely, flowers or plants, sand, stones, trees, water, waterfalls, islands and bridges. While it might not be possible to incorporate all these elements at home, one can make do with a few features and creativity as the perfect tools for design. A small fountain set on a bed of pebbles surrounding a lone plant can account for the water and plant elements while a glass cased flooring can represent the bridge. The sound of the water and the visually appealing arrangement creates a beautiful setting for working out.

8. Compact and cozy

The best thing about workout corners is that they can be incorporated in any nook of the house. It can even be by the side of the bed in the bedroom. The key to keeping oneself motivated is to diminish monotony as much as possible, and with flexible workout corners, one can do just that! Using the cushions on the bed and perhaps the rug or blanket as a base, it is possible to create a compact cosy meditation corner right in the comfort of the bedroom.

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