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The projects and advantages of Go4cork's cork

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Intérieurs créatifs Salle à manger moderne par Go4cork Moderne
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It’s no secret that all of us, whether we’re individuals or high-flying corporate companies, need to be doing whatever we can to reduce our carbon footprint. And that’s exactly what makes Go4cork such a breath of fresh air. Because while these professionals are dearly committed to first-rate results in the interior design / construction industry, they also go to great lengths to live much greener. And this is accomplished by using one of the purest, most natural materials in their projects: cork.

But how exactly is cork used in the amazing range of Go4cork’s products and designs? And how do these benefit you, the user? Find out now…  

1. Creative and beautiful interiors

Salle à manger Salle à manger moderne par Go4cork Moderne Liège

Salle à manger


The brilliance of cork is used fantastically by Go4cork in the form of decorative panels and wall designs, perfect for any house or office space’s interiors, regardless of size, layout, or design style. A variety of looks can be chosen, and best of all is that the cork-composite strips are easily self-adhesive for those looking to flex their DIY skills. 

And don’t forget about the other bonus of cork: that earthy neutral tint with its unique texture / pattern conjuring up the perfect backdrop to stylish complement any additional furnishings and décor pieces in your interiors. 

2. Underlayment

Sous-couche par Go4cork Moderne Liège



From the walls to the floors, cork is showing off its versatility by upping the quietness and peacefulness of our homes and offices. That’s thanks to this wonderful natural material’s ability to lower noise levels created by footsteps. But in addition, it also helps to stabilize a room’s temperature and humidity (hence, it’s tremendous impact on a space’s micro-climate and acoustic levels). 

3. Practical pieces for the home

Dessous-de-verre Salle à manger moderne par Go4cork Moderne Liège



Making our daily lives so much more practical and easy is cork’s ability to be made into everyday objects like coasters, placemats, trays, and trivets. Think of spaces like kitchens, dining rooms, bars, and even living rooms where hot plates and cold drinks are used on a daily basis. Constructed from cork, these trivets, coasters, and other aforementioned designs are just the thing in terms of insulated, lightweight, and waterproof benefits. 

4. Practical pieces for the office

Tapis de souris Bureau moderne par Go4cork Moderne Liège

Tapis de souris


Of course functionality needs to cross over into the office space as well, and even here Go4cork has us covered. That is thanks to the company’s collection of mouse pads, computer bases, cork memo boards, and world map memo boards – those objects that are used in offices and work spaces that can speed up productivity (not to mention the visual aesthetics of a work space). 

5. Building materials

Matériaux de construction écologiques Murs & Sols modernes par Go4cork Moderne Liège

Matériaux de construction écologiques


Last but certainly not least is cork’s fabulous thermal- and acoustic advantages that have been translated into building materials (more specifically, insulation boards). This allows cork to effectively insulate our homes (and offices) on the inside and out. 

But don’t overlook the fact that cork is also quite the star when it comes to sound-damping abilities. That means that in addition to an effective insulation material, cork can help drown out street noises, loud music from next door, and even the soft vibrations of kitchen appliances and air-conditioning units when used as part of your house (or office, obviously)’s building materials. 

Who knew so many uses (and advantages) could be enjoyed from this durable material? Seems like we’ve finally found the answer to living greener, more environmentally friendly lives! 

Let’s take a more detailed look at How Go4Cork helps you with creative interiors.

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