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Taking the time to create an outdoor utopia is all very well and good but if you aren't able to sit back and watch all your hard work come to fruition and bloom, is there really any point? We don't think so, which is why we are encouraging all of you gardeners out there to treat yourselves to the perfect garden seat.

Whether you enjoy a glass of wine in the evening or a hot cup of coffee in the morning, your new garden seat will be the perfect platform for doing so, while casting an appreciative eye over everything that you have nurtured in your outdoor space.

Bliss awaits!

All out luxury

homify JardinMeubles

If you are in the fortunate position of not having to make budget your primary concern then we don't think you can go far wrong by implementing some incredible luxury in your garden in the form of your preferred garden seating arrangement.

We absolutely adore this set up from Caroline's Design as it perfectly demonstrates what we are talking about when we refer to garden seating luxury. A sheltered day bed, sociable deck and open air settee design certainly has us in the mood for a little sunbathing and barbecuing.

Tucked away

If you like your garden seating to offer a little more in the way of secluded privacy then look no further than something along the lines of this wonderfully happy hideaway, complete with sheer drapes and lashings of comfortable cushions.

We can imagine this becoming the favourite spot for the family bookworm who likes a little more peace while they lose themselves in other worlds. Or perhaps all the lovebirds out there will like being able to spend some quiet time together. We're not prone to being too romantic but what what a proposal spot, too!

All weather

Given how many days of terrible weather we have to endure here in the UK it makes sense to take a look at garden seating options that can offer protection from the elements as well as al fresco enjoyment. After all, who wants to buy new chairs and only use them twice a year?

We love the open-sided summer house vibe that this beautiful outdoor dining spot is giving out and, though it would be great in summer, we can picture this being put to great use throughout the year, regardless of rain or even snow.

Colourful fiesta

Garden seating doesn't have to simply be a cacophony of natural wood with no colourful accents. In fact, you can go the totally opposite way and look to make your outdoor area a vibrant and energetic party zone simply by adding bright hues and brilliant lighting!

We are crazy for this set up, complete with beautiful, bright, summery coloured cushions and eye-catching lighting. It must look like Mardi Gras all year round in this garden and that is certainly an atmosphere we would be keen to encourage.

Rustic feel

Imagine buying a house that has the remnants of an old outbuilding still on the grounds somewhere. What would you do with them? If the answer is tear them down and build something new then hold your horses as we may have stumbled upon a fantastic alternative.

Don't you think that this rustic outdoor area looks absolutely incredible? The intact roof makes for a perfect bad weather shelter while the open walls are ideal for housing plants. The real hero here is the pretty path, designed to blend old and new together perfectly and we think this is a really unique garden seating area.

Structured and Zen

RHS Cardiff 2015 Best4hedging Jardin moderne

RHS Cardiff 2015


Gardens are such wonderfully relaxing spots that sometimes you just want to take the time to sit, be quiet and reflect in them. When that is the case, your garden seating needs to take on a more Zen feel so we think that structured installations are for you.

The hanging table and benches here make for a real talking point but the linear simplicity of the shelter is what grabs our attention the most, including the living roof. Quiet and calm, this spot looks idyllic and ideally suited to the surrounding natural elements. Ommmmm.

For more garden inspiration, take a look a this Ideabook: Garden Furniture. You'll be shocked at how many styles of garden chairs there really are!

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