6 beautiful dining table designs

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6 beautiful dining table designs

Alice Alice
Salle à manger scandinave par Dröm Living Scandinave
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The table is the soul of the dining room, and is made with the intention to serve to that ritual that is so loved and cherished by us. Is the place where we share our food with family and friends and also is the place where we deepen the connection with our loved ones through meaningful and long conversations. Not only the tables are indispensable from a dining room, but also if an elegant, modern and classic atmosphere is wanted, a wooden table is a must have. 

Find out how a wooden table can transform a dining room in the most attractive place from the house.. 

Mix different materials with wood

The wood is one of the materials that brings us in the middle of nature. Probably that's why almost everybody wants to have a big wooden table in their own dining room

In this picture the wooden table has the main attention, and not only because of its grandeur but also because the main light falls down on its surface. The great thing about wood is that it can be mix with all kinds of materials and textures. In this case the table is surrounded with a wooden bench, and also with white plastic chairs. On top, the metal vases close the variety of materials. 

Bring delicacy and femininity in the focal point

A 17th Century Historic Home in the English Countryside Salle à manger rurale par Heart Home magazine Rural
Heart Home magazine

A 17th Century Historic Home in the English Countryside

Heart Home magazine

It's always a pleasure to sit on a small round wooden table. The reason may be because of its delicacy and femininity, or because they just bring the glorious 17th century into our memories. 

This beautiful table proves that delicacy is never too overrated. On the first look, the eyes drift away from the surface of this table, on the white legs and the white chairs. And after a moment the wooden surface makes its presence through its shiny and detailed texture. 

Don't run from simplicity

A Converted Warehouse in East London Salle à manger industrielle par Heart Home magazine Industriel
Heart Home magazine

A Converted Warehouse in East London

Heart Home magazine

If simplicity is required in the style of a dining room, then this long simple table will do the work. Because of its shape and dimension, the people will be sited close to each other, which probably will create a very intimate and friendly atmosphere. The bench is not necessary very comfortable, but its simplicity is bringing us to that wooden chalet from the top of the mountain and, of course, a cushion can always be sited on top. 

Elegance goes well with a dramatic style

Park Village West Salle à manger classique par Belsize Architects Classique
Belsize Architects

Park Village West

Belsize Architects

Back in the days, in every respectable house, a big wooden table was indispensable, so maybe that's why this dining room is the definition of elegance. The blue walls give the perfect dramatic tone to the room, but what brings a really profound appearance is the big round dark wooden table.  So if an elegant look is wanted, then Belsize Architects will have the perfect ideas for you. 

A big table for a spacious place

This wooden table will satisfy everyone who wants a very futuristic and original style in their dining room. The table is made out of thin wooden pallets and fits really well in a spacious place with a breeze atmosphere. The white chairs manage to highlight the color of the wood in a very pleasant and modern way.

Offer a cool and fresh look to your dining room

This wooden table is the perfect electric touch for a modern dining room. The unique shape gives us a very surfing style feeling, and in the same time its simple structure offers a clean look to the room. The two different color chairs sustain the cool and fresh atmosphere to the table. 

Here you can find more great ideas for dining room's chairs. 

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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