Stylish Interior Design for a Home in Mumbai

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Stylish Interior Design for a Home in Mumbai

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par Wow Homz
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There are several ways to define the style of a home, and most homeowners have a vision when it comes to a design concept. The interior designers and decorators of Wow Homz in Mumbai have created a beautifully coordinated home. Simple and modest ideas combined with modern elements, make living comfortable and effortless in such well-designed homes. While lighting plays a crucial part in presenting a home in the best light, what makes a difference is the use of the right colours and textures. With a budget of Rs. 28,00,000, this home has been designed to perfection.

Grand Entryway

par Wow Homz

What a fabulous way to welcome people into the home! It is essential to have a fancy entrance space. However, what is even more important is to design it to be functional and effective too. The use of glass, artwork, glossy plywood panels and patterns add a wonderful dimension to the area.

Designer Ceilings

par Wow Homz

It is always nice to feature something unusual and unique in the home. The designers have chosen to add a laser-cut ceiling panel in the passage as the eye-catching feature. The beautiful and intricate design also features lights which throw up patterns when lit. A passageway can be a dull space, but here, it has been made interesting thanks to the beautiful design.

Modern TV Unit

par Wow Homz

The TV unit is an excellent place to display creativity. The wall that acts as the backsplash has been designed using a simple and rustic cork sheet, which has been laminated to give it a glossy and modern look. Adding a few drawers below makes the design of the unit stylish, trendy and functional.

Wonderful sitting room

par Wow Homz

The sitting room is vibrant, classy and attractive. The soft and neutral tones on the walls and the furnishings give the room a unique yet sophisticated look. What draws attention is the wood laminate mounted in the ceiling. The beautiful yet simple central light fixture is perfect as it accentuates the beauty of the room.

Royal Bedroom

par Wow Homz

It is not easy to coordinate metallic colours within the home. However, the designers have achieved it impeccably. The gold elements within the bedroom have been balanced well with the patterned ply used for the wardrobes. There is simplicity as well as stylishness in the overall design.

Bold and Vibrant

par Wow Homz

Creating a perfect room for a child involves engaging creativity. Vibrant and bright colours must be combined with well-known cartoons and themes. Here, the designers have used cars and roads as the theme, extending it even to the ceilings to make the room attractive and fun.

Unique design

par Wow Homz

The adorable bunk bed has a unique design. The large graphics on the wall behind it accentuates the cars and roads theme, making sleeping fun rather than dull.

Smart Kitchen

par Wow Homz

An exceptional choice of colours and the fabulous modular kitchen design has made the area appealing, functional and extremely useful. Installing counters from one end of the room to the other is an excellent way of optimising the available space.

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