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10 ideas to decorate the living room on a budget

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The living room is a showcase as it gives guests a sense of one’s style. For making the place comfortable, it is essential to keep it clutter-free and well illuminated so that family and friends can spend memorable moments in it. While pieces of expensive furniture, furnishings, wall art, lighting, television and decorations can enhance the look of the living room, it can also be decorated artfully with inexpensive materials, if one has budget restrictions. The best way to improve the charm of the living room on a budget is to choose neutral tones,  artificial light and minimalist furniture. You can follow these ten simple living room decoration ideas to make it attractive.

1. Create a focused area

Minimalism and simplicity have always been great methods to decorate the living room with a small budget. But does it have to be boring? No! Add some attractive decorations to one of the walls of the room or create something unique using the window to brighten the place. The result will surprise you!

2. Choose furniture thoughtfully

Select furniture that does not dominate the modern living room,  like a sofa with narrow arms, and match it up with coloured seats. Create a comfortable area with high chairs in front of the television in such a way that it keeps the intimate conversation area separate from the rest of the room but still looks like it’s a part of it.

3. Colourful corners

The right colours and shapes make this minimalist living room fresh and attractive. The use of three different shades, such as a blue sofa against the off-white wallpaper with a beautiful wall mirror base enhances the minimalist beauty of the room. It’s essential to select the right colours with the help of an experienced interior decorator.

4. Create eye-catching vignettes with unusual art pieces

Create attractive pieces like this without spending thousands on expensive artefacts. Use simple accessories to create a pleasing vignette on the side table. Grouping accessories on the cabinet tops make them look like part of a collection and makes an impact.

5. Choose attractive curtains

It is essential to choose the right curtains for the living room as they can improve the charm of the area. Here, we have a bright room in which curtains play a significant role by complementing the off-white sofas as well as the rest of the simple furniture.

6. Multiple lighting arrangements

In this beautiful and light-toned seating area, various sources of light have been used in such a way that the attention of guests automatically moves to the attractive wall decoration. The main attraction of this room is the multiple lights on the false ceiling, besides the furniture, which adds to its style.

7. Let in natural light

Natural light is always more pleasant than artificial light as it can liven up the floor, wall and furniture of the area with its impressive brightness. With an attractive combination of elements like the low table and traditional lamps on the side, everything in this charming living room is just perfect.

8. A beautiful mix of colourful cushions and unusual decor

The unusual wall decor and simple furniture with colourful cushions make this small living room stand out from the rest. Dropdown lamps against the backdrop of attractive wallpaper add to the charm of this simple living room.

9. Multicoloured rugs

Instead of worrying about choosing the right carpet to match the furniture and walls, enhance the warmth of the floor with rugs. Choose from a wide range of jute rugs, Persian carpets, handwoven rugs or traditional tie-dye rugs and combine textures and patterns to spice up the ambience of the living room. To maintain a balance between traditional and modern design, stick to a light colour palette.

10. Make intelligent use of space

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As the space inside a small living room is limited, plan for clutter-free decor to make the region appear larger than it is. Here, sofas, pushed against the wall, and small tables are cleverly accommodated within a limited area in an efficient arrangement, and the confluence of simple colours and unusual lighting make the living room unforgettable!

Here are some more ideas to design a living room on a budget.

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