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Before modern and contemporary styles started making an appearance in most Indian homes, the interiors and décor followed a regular traditional or rustic style. However, for the past couple of years Indian architects and designers have molded modern and contemporary style by adding an Indian element to it. These combined styles are not only unique, but they also reflect the personality of the Indian household. Modern design is known to make an impression with its bold curves and unconventional décor choices. Premdas Krishna, an architect from Kerala, India, took the elements of modern design and combined it with an Indian twist. With bold patterns gracing the walls and vibrant bursts of color in the interiors, this apartment makes a statement with its unique design. The architect has designed the interiors and the décor of this ultra-modern apartment with fluidity, despite it not being an open floor space. The rooms of the apartment flow effortlessly into each other, slowly changing its theme and color palette.

Today on homify 360, we take a virtual tour of this modern apartment and revel in its beauty and boldness! From contrasting color palettes to sharp curves, prepare to have your senses tantalized!

A curvy tale

The first impression you get when you see the living room is the incorporation of curves and abstract patterns across the interiors. These curves and patterns make a bold appearance on the walls and the ceiling of the living room. Accentuating the design element of this space are the contrasting colors the designer has used. From the warm glow of beige to the vibrant shade of deep red, the living room is the beacon of everything colourful. The designer has furnished the living room with a beige colored L-shaped sofa set that faces the red shaded media space across it. Well-placed ceiling lights illuminate the space with a warm and radiant glow.

A neutral coloured space

Warm and earthy tones of brown and beige dominate the
color palette of the dining room. Unlike the living room, the dining room is not designed with vibrant colors. But the bold design theme makes its way into the interiors of this space. The designer has furnished the dining room with a monochromatic 8-seater dining table that’s surrounded by gorgeous armchairs.

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When monochrome meets colour

Spacious and elegant, the kitchen is designed to look expansive. A monochromatic colour palette dominates the interiors of the kitchen and is accentuated further with a burst of red. The designer has beautifully incorporated the colour red alternatively on the cabinets in the kitchen and the circular basin on the kitchen island. The curve pattern seen in the other rooms of the apartment also make an appearance in the interiors of the kitchen.

A visually interactive media room

Ever wondered what it feels like to have your visual senses tantalized? The designer has styled the media room of the apartment with the running curve theme but further enhanced the décor with bold colors, patters, and prints. Multiple seating options in the form of leather upholstered recliners, wooden bench, and an upholstered sofa are placed across the media room. The curve theme is seen on the ceiling and the walls of the media room’s interiors.

The spherical bedroom

Staying true to the curved theme, the designer has incorporated this theme into the furnishings as well. A large circular bed takes center stage in the bedroom and is highlighted with circular designs behind the head rest. The colour palette of the bedroom is less neutral tones and focuses more on the dark colours. Black panels highlighted with blue lights grace the ceiling, giving this bedroom an oomph factor!

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