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How to design beautiful homes with modern interiors

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““Less is more!” The age-old philosophy of design continues to inspire the interior designers and decorators of today, and the minimalist look, neutral colour palette, functionality of space and clean architectural lines have become a rage. The beauty of  modern interior décor is that it doesn’t follow any popular trend; in fact, it creates a direction of its own, by reflecting the personality of the people who live within the home. Modern interior décor is all about making the home warm and welcoming, and believe us, it is not dull. So put your creativity to test and follow these simple decorating principles to give the interior of your home a modern and elegant feel.    

1. Simple and elegant living room

We pour our heart and soul into designing the living room and it deserves attention since it is here that we spent quality time with family and friends. The modern trend in interior décor is simplicity, which makes the space elegant. Soothing shades on the wall matches with the furniture, comfortable low sitting sofas, two simple chairs, beautiful centre table, a tall metal lampshade, colour on the ceiling, arched windows and similar sized pictures that add to the drama on the textured wall; it’s contemporary and chic.  

2. Eclectic shades to make the interior lively

Modern décor is all about showcasing your style with élan. The clever mix of colours with a sense of balance and confidence will create a fashionable space that showcases your style. The neutral shade of the living room is balanced with the brighter colours in the dining space of the living cum dining room. Take a cue from here and create a burst of colour through paintings on the wall.  

3. Magical monochrome with a touch of colour

Give depth to the modern home with limited space by playing with textures on the wall. You can easily separate the integrated area with textures and wall décor. Break the monotony of monochrome in the room with a bouquet of colour brought through the indoor plants and different shades of the sofas. Then, double the elegance of the space with the classic large mirror wall, which is very modern and fashionable.   

4. Glam up the décor with geometrical shapes

Clean and well-defined geometrical shapes still fascinate architects and designers when it comes to home décor.  Play with the space of your choice or take inspiration from here and complement the circular shapes of the wall with circular embellishments and contrast it with a square painting on the wall.    

5. Decorating the space with light and shadow

Turn the dull utility area of the modern home into a designer’s delight by playing with light and shadow in the space. The patterns of the wall will look beautiful, and when light filters through it, the playful shadow will add beauty to the simplicity of the area. You can try it in your balcony or courtyard; the design will provide the much-needed privacy in city homes without blocking the light and air.   

6. Create your signature style of furniture

Deviate from the predictable and create your signature style when it comes to furniture. Experiment with the traditional shape and style of furniture and something stylish and contemporary will surely result.  

7. Peaceful décor for the modern bedroom

Give a modern twist to the bedroom décor and bring in serenity for complete relaxation. Two different textures on the wall, calming soft lighting, subtle shade for the walls and furniture and a segmented painting adorning the wall, it's en vogue; let the simplicity of the décor speak for itself.  

8. Beauty with a purpose in modern decor

Blend functionality with the décor to create perfect modern interiors that enhance the style of the space. The partition of the integrated space combines with the bar of the house to present storage for bottles and glasses. Add two highchairs, and everything is done stylishly without wasting the precious space of the city home. A glass enclosure on the other side creates the Pooja room and adds to the beauty of the home. Finally, there is a vertical garden, a green embellishment, which brings in soothing energy into the modern interiors.

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