The Corus Hotel: Refined elegance in the Malaysian capital

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Marked by understated luxury, our newest source of inspiration lies in Kuala Lumpur where DMR Design and Build has defined modern elegance in the Corus Hotel. With DMR’s 15 years of experience in the hotel and leisure industry, the design harmonizes luxurious stylings and textures with the practicality of the hotel’s commercial requirements.

DMR Design & Build is known for its interior and architectural design services, especially for hotel groups and private clients across the globe. Chief Designer Rahym Amangeldi and his team typically handle commercial projects, bringing customer-focused creativity to each project. This includes high-end hotels in Malaysia and Turkmenistan, along with luxury retail stores, restaurants, cafes and private residences.

The team work hard to make bespoke furniture and to tailor architectural designs as per clients’ requests. DMR Design & Build also works in project management, construction and luxury material supply. Here is a look at one of the rooms from Kuala Lumpur’s Corus Hotel, where elegance meets function:

A fun, yet refined, bedroom

While the bedroom speaks to the elegance of a 5-star hotel, DMR managed to add unique furnishings that also add character. Along with a large, draped window providing natural light, the glass lamp stands and the overarching in-wall light fixture brighten and modernise the design. The cream and gold spread beckons to hotel guests, promising sophistication and soft comfort. While the palette is subdued, the carpet’s fun design—matching the art above the headboard—and the colourful painting on the right wall add interest and variety.

A sleek approach to a 5-star home away from home

The modern angles and mixture of textures continue to modernize this 5-star regal retreat. The layered floor-to-ceiling drapes show off Malaysia’s high-end style and lots of natural light. The design also includes luxury down lights, adding a warm, soft ambience to the room. Meanwhile, the textures of the wall fixtures mix modern and more Victorian-style trimmings.

This bedroom truly incorporates the practical needs of a hotel guest, who can use the gorgeous in-room desk as a travel office or vanity. With how comfortable the bed looks, who wouldn’t be tempted to jump in and watch the sleek, up-to-date, flat screen TV?

A modern, marbled haven

Luxury abounds in this gorgeous bathroom with floor-to-ceiling white marbling. This luxe material, often used in Italian and Indian home design, adds to the grandeur of the room.

While the marble is classic, the design manages to stay chic and modern through the contrasting black granite countertops and up-to-date features. These include the sleek faucet and shower head, the glass shower door and the minimalist ceiling lights. The dark bathroom counter complements the soft white of the rest of the room perfectly, while the chestnut cabinet and gold hand towels stay true to the colour scheme.

The result is a beautiful combination of regal, classic textures with modern and chic fixtures, to create a functional, 5-star hotel experience. Here’s a few more visuals that will make you want to book your trip to Corus Hotel ASAP.

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