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A stylish 36 m² shipping container garden studio in Johannesburg

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A4AC Architects Bureau industriel Métal Blanc
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Re-purposing a container may seem like a tall order, but the truth is with the right team of professionals on your project it’s possible. A4AC ARCHITECTS have long been one of Johannesburg’s trusted architects and specialists when it comes to creating purposeful container spaces. Their expertise includes architectural plans, architectural/interior design, construction documentation, and management services. The vibrant company consists of a team of qualified professionals who are not only experienced but also creative and able to turn an otherwise “useless” container into a much-loved and useful property. They also provide the complete design and build of the containers itself.

In this ideabook, we have a look at how these pro architects in Johannesburg transformed 2 containers into a stylish and beautiful garden studio. With a budget of only R250, 000, they completed it 100 percent including trimmings.

2 used 6 metre containers side by side

This is how it looked before loaded and set in the garden. With only these two containers, the professional and very creative architects in Johannesburg fashioned a deluxe workspace.   

A view from the exterior

The exterior of the container designed includes a natural timber finish on the exteriors. The timber is treated and low maintenance to withstand the ever-changing weather of Johannesburg. The look is neat, clean, and rustic. It’s the perfect design for this beautiful garden.   

Delivered and set in place

Here the crew is receiving the container as a crane lowers it into position. The spacious garden is a wonderful location for this garden studio. That said the people who will use this lavish space could enjoy their green surroundings setting the tone for inspiration.   

Assembling the bits and parts

In this picture, the team is carefully assembling the two containers after the delivery. They use special tools and take their time with a focus on detail. The prefabricated containers are assembled onsite as seen here.  

A look on the inside

This is one of the angles on the inside. As you can see from this picture, the container offers lots of space, making working and moving about easy and not as cramped up.   

Sufficient storage and worktop

Here’s another look at the ample workspace with a huge table in the centre fit for an artisan’s designs and planning process. There is also enough storage to neatly store materials, fabrics and other tools and equipment.   

Interior with skylight feature

The skylight feature simply adds to this beautiful garden studio’s rustic style. The compact design doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s so appealing because even though it’s a small space it incorporates ample natural lighting. With natural light, you can enjoy the warmth as it soothes its way into the container and gives the look of a larger space. The skylight also gives the container a modern look and feel.   

Windows for more airflow

The container not only has a large skylight, which joins the two containers, but also windows for more airflow along with a glass sliding door. In addition, the architects also lined it with insulation and wall boards.

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