Top 20 modern kitchen designs in South Africa

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Top 20 modern kitchen designs in South Africa

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Cuisine de style  par homify
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The modern style seems to enjoy riding the trend wave, with no visible signs that its 15 minutes of fame are almost up. But what elements need to come together in order to make up the perfectly modern kitchen?

Actually, there are a few factors that make a space modern (like frameless cabinets, horizontal lines, lack of ornamentation, a strong sense of neutral tones, etc. etc.), yet sometimes these blur the lines between the modern- and contemporary styles.

At the end of the day, we feel that if your cooking space is visually pleasing and 100% functional (all kitchens are, first and foremost, working zones), then who cares about comparing your kitchen to a list which defines the must-have elements of the modern style? 

After browsing (quite a bit) through our vast range of kitchens here on homify, we’ve determined that these 20 are the epitome of modern-day cooking spaces, for they flaunt one, two, or quite a few of the vital elements that make up modern design – which one will be your favourite? 

1. A strong sense of lines plus a commitment to open spaces puts this modern (with a slight rustic touch) at the top of our list.

Cuisine de style  par homify

2. Who says a modern kitchen has to be all sleek surfaces? That timber side of the island immediately grabs attention!

3. Don't forget to usher in a strong batch of natural lighting – another vital element of modern spaces.

4. With the right appliances, lighting and decor, a galley kitchen can become a pleasantly functioning culinary corner in any home.

5. The majority of modern kitchens enjoy an open-plan layout with a dining / seating zone.

Cuisine de style  par Kitchen Architecture
Kitchen Architecture

Contemporary living

Kitchen Architecture

6. So much sleekness with that white colour palette and stainless steel finishes.

7. Don't you love how the timber and stone (in the garden) add some rough character to this subdued colour palette?

8. A bit of flora is always welcome in any space, regardless of size or style, for it adds colour and texture!

9. With a view like that, who wouldn't mind spending some time slaving away in the kitchen?

10. Who says blue doesn't belong in the kitchen? This royal tint perfectly pairs up with the off-whites of the countertops and walls.

11. The best thing about shiny surfaces, like stainless steel? They help to bounce light around to make the space seem bigger.

12. Even a modest-size cooking space can still be practical and elegant with the right decor and finishes.

13. What's not to love about this monochrome colour scheme?

14. We never thought about pairing subway tiles with raw brick, but this example definitely made us think twice.

Cuisine de style  par homify

15. Something as simple as a backsplash can become your kitchen's main focal point.

16. Don't overlook the importance of proper lighting and how it can add to the style / decor factor.

17. Sometimes the modern style can get quite playful by mixing different materials, like wood and concrete. The colour scheme, however, ties this one neatly together.

18. Don't you love how this island and breakfast bar flaunt a cheeky design that changes the entire layout of the kitchen?

19. Scared that your kitchen's neutral tones might be boring? Mix it up with different hues and add pattern!

20. A modern fireplace a few feet away from your cooking zone? That's 21st century splendour!

Whether it’s a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room or a hallway, certain ingredients need to come together in order to produce a stylish look. Let’s see The nine elements of design by a Johannesburg interior designer

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