Shipping containers: The best option for a second home in Johannesburg

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On 1 February 2019, the new City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme came into action. This introduced several new rules and processes intended to promote the country’s economic development, attract investment, and represent a more inclusive and integrated approach toward the regulation and enforcement of land use and development rules in Johannesburg. 

But what does that mean for us ordinary homeowners who are looking to erect a second dwelling for additional space / income purposes? Well, previously, in order to get a second dwelling application approved, the process was quite admin-intensive, lengthy, and costly. The new town planning scheme makes this process much easier, as it allows for a second dwelling without a consent use application! 

So, if you were dreaming about owning an extra living space for rental or AirBnB purposes, this is definitely great news. Sure, you still have to submit the relevant building plans for your new structure, but if you go with a shipping container by A4AC ARCHITECTS, they take care of that for you!

The 6m x 2.4m Container House

With an area layout of 14m², this shipping container home is certainly nothing to scoff at. As a totally prefabricated structure, it can be placed on any site that provides access to a transportation truck. 

The costs and profit

Ranging between R109 500,00 (incl vat) and R275 000,00, the top-spec model includes solar and gas. For a medium-spec unit, the prices comes in at R146 000,00. 

Units can be purchased either upfront or via a loan. A 6-year period load (calculated on the highest interest rate) works out to about R4240,00 per month. 

But what does this mean if you plan to rent it out as an AirBnB unit in Johannesburg? It means an approximate R3,000 profit per month, seeing as one can ask about R300 – R600 per night for an AirBnb room in Johannesburg. Calculated at a 50% vacancy rate, you can earn about R6,750 per month! 

Classy convenience

There may not be enough room on the inside for the house party of the year, yet this container still provides adequate legroom with all the necessary amenities. 

It provides an open-plan layout of a kitchen, living area that becomes a bedroom whenever required (thanks to a fold-up bed), bathroom, gas geyser and stove, television, full electrical and solar.

The unit’s electrical is plug and play – simply connect it to your existing electrical system. The same goes for the fresh water supply and sewerage! 

Let’s have a look at a few more images that further detail the next evolution in low-cost housing!

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