Modern by design – The K House

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Modern by design – The K House

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Couloir, entrée, escaliers modernes par homify Moderne
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A modern home has been touted as one that uses minimalism as its mainstay. Yet, there are many kinds of modern homes that can retain their basic urbane character without being entirely stark. For a classic modern look to thrive, many designers use modern elements set in classic lines of comfort and style. The K House by Orther Architects in Queretaro, Mexico is a fitting statement of all things modern with a strong classic undertone. Set on a canvas of wood and glass, we can safely say that the most important element of this home is the natural light flooding into the home at any given time of the day. Come with us on a photo tour to see more…

A beaming façade of modernist design

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne Bois Effet bois

The light emanating from within creates a strong visual statement. The play of metal vents and translucent glass touching the sky from a cube set atop good old wood, is quite a sight to take in. The façade lays out the entire ground floor as the entry way, leaving an open expanse well lit by recessed lighting and it resultant glow. The pillars on the sides are solid. The foliage lines the driveway to offer some pretty relief.

An impressive courtyard

Couloir, entrée, escaliers modernes par homify Moderne Pierre

The courtyard-like structure welcomes you with its airy dimensions. It is flanked by a diagonal structure to the side as the open entry way standing gaping to one side. The palm on one side and the dry arrangement lining a slim pebble bed along the wall on the other side, have an immediate grounding effect.

Contemporary meets earthy

Salon moderne par homify Moderne

The hallway housing the living room with a solid wall of stoned tile in grey sets the tone for the rest of the space. White walls and hardwood flooring creates a classic canvas while grey, brown and hints of red take over. The couches are lined with red throw pillows in a linear style, adding to the contemporary vibe of the space. A lamp leaning over completes this space. A palm stands proudly on a raised platform as you approach the dining area. Here, a solid square table stands right in the centre with two chairs on three sides and a bench on one side. The four chairs are done up with a desert hued upholstery.

Log cabin chic in the kitchen

Salle à manger moderne par homify Moderne Bois Effet bois

The kitchen lies to the far end of the hallway that makes up the ground floor. Here, the onus is on solid wood to create some log cabin magic. The wooden island, chairs and even overhead lamps create a look that is warm and welcoming, making the kitchen the true hearth of the home. The glass walls set on slim frames show off the abundance of natural light that comes pouring into the home.

A bold staircase

Salon moderne par homify Moderne

The staircase of the home is set diagonally, aligned to a side of the courtyard that doubles as the entry way. This solid wooden staircase is a smooth design addition that catches the eye instantly. It remains neat and is not flanked by any railing. The effect is a smooth design transition once it reaches the top where it is met by glass railing, secured by trendy dots of oversized chrome nuts.

Backyard with a view

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

The backyard will leave you truly spellbound. The play of geometrical shapes stacked neatly one of the top of the other has a breath taking effect on the senses. The subtle jutting out of the top floor as it sits above the ground also lays an emphasis on high design values. Stone, white walls and a play of wood with the vast expanse of glass makes for a designer statement like none other! A well-manicured lawn completes the look.

In Conclusion

This home is a play of various design elements laid down in a classic set up with a modern linear twist. Yet, it also brings in warmth and a welcoming vibe even as it stays committed to its modernist roots!

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