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What are the best colors for the kitchen?

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The kitchen is an environment which is increasingly valued in interior design projects. Whether it is a small or large kitchen, it is no longer just a place to prepare meals. Today it is valued as the space where you spend pleasant moments cooking, talking and snacking.

The concept of cooking at home has been occurring more and more as people are realizing the need to eat healthier with home-cooked food. Therefore, the time spent in the kitchen increases. 

Having a nice kitchen unit is also helpful when receiving guests. Finally, one more reason is to value the moments of being at home and taking care of yourself and the family in the most comforting of all ways – through delicious meals.

Considering all this, one factor that is very relevant in current projects is the choice of colors for cooking. Just as the furniture needs to meet the functional needs, the kitchen colour will satisfy the needs of visual comfort, complementing the decoration and giving a more complete aesthetic sense.

There is a lot to plan on colors for the kitchen walls, kitchen cabinet colors and paint colors for small and large kitchens.  Here are some tips.

How to choose the right kitchen colors?

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Basically, any color can be used in the kitchen. What will make a difference is variety and intensity, which should take into consideration the style and size of the environment.

For example, if you have a small kitchen, it is not recommended to use excessively strong and vibrant colors. This would result in visual fatigue and a sense of disorganization. Use more daring colors and elements, but in balanced proportions.

If you really like bright red, choose one of the walls and some accents to highlight that color, while the other walls and large furniture are in neutral colors.

Whether you dream of black or colored furniture, the walls and floor will look better in neutral colors, as well as the electronics and other decorative details. There should also be good lighting on the ceiling and natural light from the windows to brighten the room. The secret is in balance. 

In the case of large kitchens, there is more freedom to use kitchen cabinet colors, wall colors, chairs and more decorative objects. Even so, they need to be in harmony to get a visually comfortable environment.To have this balance, in addition to using neutral colors to counteract bright colors, the tips of professionals are to use the methods of color matching. These are the combinations of analogous and complementary colors. 

It's best to consult a color circle, which contains a sequence with the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Then, it is easier to know how to combine the complementary colors, which are those that are positioned in the opposite direction in the circle, or the similar colors, which are side by side in the circle. 

When you can make these first combinations, you can start with the more daring ones. But now, the best idea is to see applied examples of these combination variations for you to understand better and get inspired.

1. Orange kitchens

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Orange is a secondary color that warms the environment, stimulates joy and even hunger, according to the psychology of colors. It matches the kitchen.

 Although the kitchen counter is orange, the other larger elements, such as the walls,floor, cabinets and ceiling are a pale blue. This is a way of achieving balance, as well as ensuring a well-lit kitchen, whether with artificial or natural light. 

2. Yellow kitchen

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In this kitchen, yellow is used with intensity in alternating cabinets, harmonized with gray and other neutral colors.The floor is a more discreet granite and the other walls and the ceiling are white, relieving the intensity of the strong yellow. If your kitchen has large doors and windows which allow for plenty of natural light, yellow in moderation is an interesting option to consider. For more ideas, have a look at our article titled modern kitchen colors.

3. Red kitchen

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Lots of color, though, plenty of space. This kitchen has a lot of life with the use of red on the cabinets and decorations. But note that the environment is spacious and the predominant colors are white and black. Again the balance is present. For a softer touch, the wall tiles could be white and some of the cabinets could be black. 

For more ideas, here are 18 ways to bring red into your home.

4. Pink kitchen

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This is a more unusual design. In this case, the client's dream was to have a kitchen with a dark shade of pink. Still, the professional responsible was very careful with the balance.

The best solution was to harmonize the pink with neutral colors and pale yellow wall tiles. Note that if it were just pink and white, it would be more shocking and tiring for the eyes. Thus, with shades of pale yellow, a transition from pink to white is created.

5. Colors for small kitchens

Even in a smaller kitchen, it is not mandatory to use only neutral colors. Look at this example of how to add color to a small kitchen. Turquoise combines very well with white. Note that only a small part of the kitchen is turquoise. For more inspiration, here are 24 pictures of small and colorful kitchens.

6. Colors for kitchen cabinets

As a general rule of thumb, if the wall tiles, floor and walls of the kitchen are in neutral colors, you may opt to have all the kitchen cabinets in one vivid color. However, if there are colored wall tiles and walls, make sure not all the cabinets carry a strong color, and that it's balanced out with more mellow colors. 

7. Blue kitchen

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Both the design of the kitchen and the shade of this blue in the kitchen, brings a sense of lightness to the environment. Mainly because it was harmonized with white. The transition color is beige, which is on the Portuguese tile used on the floor. .

8. Kitchen wall tiles

Do you like the effect of hydraulic tiles? It usually has a duller color and is different from that effect of colored tiles, which leaves the environment more intense. So this can be a great option to make your kitchen more dynamic while keeping the predominant neutral colors. For more ideas, here are 9 pictures of kitchen tiles perfect for your home.

The other option is to use wallpaper coating with this effect to save cost.  In this case the color of the cabinet is a sky blue, but try to imagine other colors and you will see that it would look good with white, beige, black, red and olive. The pastel tones leave the atmosphere more sober.

9. Black and white kitchen

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This is another very versatile combination of color matching. Black and white always work, but be careful about the proportion in small kitchens. In this case the environment was very balanced, valuing natural stones, with sophistication, and without the need for many decorative details to maintain lightness.

We hope you've been inspired by this idea book. For more ideas, have a look at 6 contemporary kitchen designs.

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