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7 interior design trends for 2019

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2018 is already on the way out, yet we’ve already received word of what will be considered “hot” in our homes for next year.

Yes, interior architects and designers/decorators have put their creative heads together and conjured up the trends which are kicking off January next year – but the sooner you get on these, the better, right?

Will it be shocking pink textiles? Beach-inspired wallpaper for the living room? Dark kitchen tiles? Who knows? Well, we do, and to prove that we are bringing you these 7 tips for interior trends 2019.

Remember: you heard it here first!

1. Interior trends 2019: Dark kitchens

During the past six months, searches for dark kitchen cabinetry and Scandi-noir designs have increased by 93%. And of all the colours, blue seems to be the most likely to reign supreme next year.

Whether it’s on the floor, against the wall, splashed on cabinets and backsplashes or even on the ceiling, blue has definitely replaced grey as the go-to tint.

So, don’t be scared to experiment with a darker, bolder look for your kitchen in 2019.

2. Interior trends 2019: Brass taps

Think of faucets as the jewellery of a kitchen and bathroom. They ensure a touch of shine, whether it be gold, silver or stainless steel. Well, in 2019 that shine will be of a brass type, ensuring a cool contrast to modern concrete worktops.

But it’s not just about brass – industrial style, factory-inspired faucets are becoming huge in both kitchens and bathrooms, giving off cool and edgy vibes.

3. Interior trends 2019: Under the sea

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While the nautical look always seems to be trendy, 2019 will be leaving the beach and taking a dip below the waves for scallops-and-scales inspired style. 

To get this look right, one has a variety of options: sea creatures swimming across wall surfaces, scalloped furniture, mermaid scales for shower (or any wall) tiles, floor rugs flaunting corals and fishes, sideboards with scalloped patterns, seaweed-inspired fruit bowls, and many others.

4. Interior trends 2019: Warmer, earthier colours

Good news for those who feel that blue is just too cold to be the dominant colour in 2019. While it’s true that blue has bypassed grey as the most popular tint for next year, there are other hues that are also becoming quite trendy: warm, earthy neutrals. 

Personally, we are very much in love with these warmer, friendlier shades of oatmeal and stonewashed linen (and the thousands of other options), especially once we cross on over into the colder months of the year and grey becomes just a tad too depressing.

5. Interior trends 2019: Spiced honey

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Ever year brings forth a new Dulux Colour of the Year, and 2019 will be no exception. And how fitting that this one flows forth from our number four’s warmer, earthier colours, for 2019’s go-to tint falls within that colour family: the aptly named ‘Spiced Honey’. 

This warm, caramel-meets-woody-versus-sandy colour is both cosy and comforting, stimulating and energising. And even better, it changes depending on the palettes and light it comes into contact with! 

Its rich tones give off a visually warm look, making it ideal for creating a relaxed and cosy space – perhaps even a spa-like bathroom? Yet when you team it with whites and off-white hues in furniture and décor, the colour becomes more of a contemporary option. Amazing!

6. Interior trends 2019: Concrete bathrooms

It’s no secret that concrete is one of the most popular interior materials for houses, both here in South Africa and overseas. Well, this option is getting bigger and stronger for next year, as new print-and-staining techniques will allow us to use concrete as a blank canvas to have fun with – use it rough and raw for industrial-style spaces, or polish it down for more modern designs.

Tough, practical, and now even more trendy!

7. Interior trends 2019: Velvet

Would you believe that searches for velvet have shot upward by over 400% this year? That makes it the most searched fabric, and a definite contender for the most popular material in 2019.

We recommend starting to window shop seductive velvet beds and velvet sofas, not to mention velvet headboards and velvet scatter cushions, before Christmas! 

Before we jump forth into the new year’s trends, let’s take a look back at the Home decor trends for South African homes 2018.

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