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A two-storey house will always need one thing, regardless of its size: stairs. This might not sound like big news but when you start thinking about how much room a staircase can take up, you start to see how cumbersome and invasive they are in a smaller property. There is, however, a solution!

Small home stairs can be just as beautiful and functional as any others if you take the time to think about where they are going to be placed and how you can free up as much surrounding room as possible. We think we have found some of the most fantastic options for bijou properties so come with us as we scale new architectural heights.


It can't only be us that love spiral staircases! We have always secretly wanted one as they seem so wildly outrageous, mysterious and, let's be honest, cool. What's even better is that because of their design, they are the perfect small home stairs.

Fontanot have created what we think is one of the prettiest spiral staircases that we have seen as it is so unfussy, elegant and chic. The skinny design paired with polished elements and pale natural wood all look phenomenal and have impacted on the room so little, size-wise.

Steep and linear

If the idea of a spiral staircase is driving you round the bend there are plenty of more 'standard' options available to you, such as this lovely linear number. By keeping the angle a little steeper it takes up less room, making it the perfect small home stairs option.

We think this looks great and are a little surprised by how well the almost industrial styling of the stairs goes with more rustic touches throughout the rest of the room but therein lies the genius of integrated design; if you can dream it, it can work!


When you can't reduce the size of the staircase that you need but you still want to maximise the perceived space in your home, we think it's time to get serious about materials. Small home stairs need to be as non-invasive as possible so what better way to ensure that than with see-through steps?

In a small hallway we can picture stairs like this simply melting into the background and disappearing, thereby minimising the impact they have on more demure and modest areas. It doesn't hurt that when you do take the time to drink them in, they look amazing too!


For small home stairs that are as exciting as the rest of the décor scheme, cantilevered is the only way to go. It doesn't matter how many sets we see, we always love these floating masterpieces and our first step is always a little tentative. It makes functionality just that bit more exciting!

We think these stairs are the perfect addition for a small home as while they look great and serve a function, by keeping them colour matched to the walls they don't detract from more deliberate flights of fancy, such as retro sideboards or artistic vases. 


We know that there are some of you out there that don't like the idea of having something that anyone else could too, so for a more exclusive option why not consider commissioning your very own set of small home stairs? There are more benefits to be had than mere bragging rights!

A custom design would allow you to be very specific about how much living space you sacrifice for your staircase and if it comes at a real premium in your property, this is something worth thinking about. You can also let your creative side run a little wild too.


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For the ultimate in space-saving small home stairs innovations, we present to you… the retractable loft ladder! No longer only being used to access infrequently used areas, these handy little installations make it easy to get to your upper floors without having to invest in expensive, large staircases. Of course, this would not be ideal for older residents but as a temporary solution, we think it's a lot of fun!

For more amazing staircase inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Beautiful And Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Staircase. It's all about those untapped decorating spots!

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