The 6 Most Efficient Home Gym Equipment You Must Have

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The 6 Most Efficient Home Gym Equipment You Must Have

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
Home Gyms Salle de sport moderne par Raw Corporate Health Moderne
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Keeping fit and healthy can be expensive if you join health clubs or the gym, but why spend so much money when you can easily turn your home into a gym with these 6 efficient pieces of home gym equipment and save loads of money. It is also more convenient to have a gym at home, so you don't have to get stuck in a traffic jam just to get to the gym. With a home gym, you can work out any day at any time, whether it's a cold rainy day, blistering hot day, or it's one in the morning. 

Here are 6 pieces of efficient home gym equipment that are not too expensive, don't take up much space, and provide a variety of good workouts to improve your fitness in the comfort of your home. From chin up bars to medicine balls, we have the ideal home gym equipment for everybody here. We hope you will be even more inspired and motivated to maintain your health and fitness after reading this idea guide. 

Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) equipment

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Total Resistance Exercise or TRX is a suspension training equipment which involves the use of hanging bands to engage muscles using your own body weight. Just these two adjustable bands provide a comprehensive workout to every single muscle in your body. The versatility of this tool can help you achieve any goal, whether it's to lose weight, train for a marathon, or gain muscle strength.TRX also improves your cardiovascular endurance. 

One of the main perks of TRX is its low impact nature. Due to its suspended nature, TRX suspension training does not put much pressure on your joints. This means there is a low risk of injury and you can train as hard as you want without putting too much stress on your body.  

Chin up bars

WaterRower Walnut Home Gym and Fitness Equipment par GymRatZ Gym Equipment Minimaliste
GymRatZ Gym Equipment

WaterRower Walnut Home Gym and Fitness Equipment

GymRatZ Gym Equipment

The great thing about chin up bars is that they don't take up much space and don't cost much either. This brilliant piece of home gym equipment allows you to easily (and temporarily) turn a doorway into a multi-position chin up bar for a low cost. 

Chin up bars use your own body weight to work a vast range of muscle groups in ways that are nearly impossible to replicate on regular gym equipment. Keep in mind that when you are hanging freely, every move engages the core in order to stabilise your body. In conclusion, there's almost nothing a chin up bar can't do, so it's a very wise investment. 

Bouldering walls

Bouldering walls are basically walls that you can climb, and you can set it up in your home for easy access. Think of it as an artificial rock made to simulate rock climbing. It can be made of materials such as plywood, fiberglass, aluminium, or steel. There are even inflatable climbing walls available for sale. 

There are tremendous amount of benefits to climbing. Climbing is a cardiovascular exercise that helps with lowering blood pressure, improving your respiratory functions, encouraging fat loss, improving metabolism, and reducing stress. There's also the increase in strength and muscle, especially core muscles. It's quite amazing how you can get a full body workout just from climbing a wall. 

The chic Scandinavian style home gym pictured here is designed by Nef-Designs, based in Russia. 

Balance balls

Balance balls are particularly beneficial for cardio and strength workouts and can help you develop great muscle tone as well as core stability, posture, balance, and flexibility. Besides developing good overall muscle tone for your entire body, the ball provides numerous other benefits that range anywhere from rehabilitating knee, back, and hip injuries to delivering a powerful workout. 

Many people also use balance balls as chairs. Instead of using your regular office chair, use a balance ball instead, so you can burn some fat effortlessly while you're working. You can also bounce around on it while watching television. The balance ball is a fun way of integrating your exercise routine into your daily activities. 

Browse through home gym designs here on homify for more new ideas and refreshing inspiration. 

Strength rubber bands

Strength rubber bands are made of strong, thin rubber with handles at the end, and come in a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level. You can do just about any strength training exercise such as tricep extensions, bicep curls, shoulder presses, chest presses, and even squats without using any heavy weights. This piece of home gym equipment is lightweight and can be carried with you even you go on a holiday. It is also relatively cheap compared to other exercise tools. 

Although strength rubber bands are incredibly simple, they're extremely effective at working your muscles. It can help you boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion and more. You can also combine strength rubber bands with other equipment to get the benefits on two types of exercise at once. 

Medicine balls

Need Inspiration for your own Home Gym? par Garageflex

Need Inspiration for your own Home Gym?


A medicine ball is a weighted ball roughly the diameter of the shoulders. It is often used for rehabilitation and strength training. Medicine balls are usually sold as 1-11kg balls and are used effectively in weight training. Actually the term medicine ball dates back to at least 1876 and first originated from a story of a king who was cured by rolling a ball of herbs around. 

We hope this idea guide has been informative and interesting for you. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at get rid of mould on your wallpaper

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