​Easy-to-copy tips for luxury bathrooms

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​Easy-to-copy tips for luxury bathrooms

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Salle de bains de style  par Devon&Devon UK, Classique
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Before we close off each day by retreating to a stylish bedroom that promises sweet dreams, we first need to cleanse off the day’s worries in the bathroom – and who says said bathroom can’t be equally stylish and inspiring? After all, just because we use our bathrooms for showering/bathing, brushing teeth and other business doesn’t mean they can’t flaunt a luxurious look, right?

Fortunately, there exist a few simple style secrets for luxury bathrooms that professional bathroom designers make use of that we’ve acquired. That means you don’t require gigantic budgets – it’s all about colours and accessories…

1. Luxury bathrooms: Glam it up with gorgeous lighting

Changing the lighting in your bathroom is a quick way of transforming that space into something elegant, yet far too few people realise this little gem of a trick. Think of all those high-end showrooms or hotel bathrooms you’ve come across in the past – how did they use their lighting for a designer look? 

Instead of the traditional light bar above the mirror, try out stunning wall sconces on either side. And if you have the space, dangling pendants are a must for luxury bathrooms. 

homify hint: Pair your bathroom’s new lighting fixtures with updated vanity mirrors for new hardware and gorgeous new surfaces that’ll help reflect said lighting.

2. Luxury bathrooms: Opt for a white palette

Salle de bains de style  par DeVal Bathrooms, Moderne
DeVal Bathrooms

Hotel Inspired Bathroom

DeVal Bathrooms

We are not trying to diss bold or colourful palettes, but how often do you come across a rainbow-like bathroom in a five-star hotel? Even the most casual bathroom can be turned into something exquisite via a simple white colour scheme. 

For a simple backdrop, go with white cabinets and countertops. Add an off-white or creamy paint colour to the walls, then continue with white bath linens for a high-end look. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little on top-quality towels – one immediately notices an expensive textile in a bathroom.

3. Luxury bathrooms: Go for warm grey

Too scared to opt for an all-white colour palette for a bathroom? Go with the next best trend: “greige”. 

This unique blend between grey and beige has become the new go-to hue for luxury bathrooms and kitchens. How so? Because grey is one of those colours that manages to look classy, timeless and soothing without really trying. Plus it’s so easy to match. 

Add a touch of beige to warm up that grey and your bathroom instantly goes from cool to cosy. 

homify hint: Greige is the perfect colour to complement a wood vanity or brushed silver lighting fixtures.

4. Luxury bathrooms: Monochromatic magic

Salle de bains de style  par PAD ARCHITECTS, Moderne

Battersea Town House


The most elegant (and expensive) bathrooms are usually spa-inspired. And what does your typical high-end spa look like? Simple colours and materials, a relaxing ambience, and a monochromatic palette. 

But don’t be bullied into going with only a neutral colour scheme – a lot of spas use soft natural hues (like a fresh blue or aquatic tint) for a super relaxing look. 

homify hint: To create a monochromatic colour scheme for your luxury bathroom: Start with a soothing main colour (like a dusty arctic or aquamarine blue), and then add lighter and darker shades of that colour, layering them for depth. Fortunately, most paint stores offer paint strips arranged in shades from dark to light, making your choice in tints very easy.

5. Luxury bathrooms: Bring the outdoors in

 de style  par Drummonds Bathrooms, Scandinave
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

A lot of luxury bathrooms have a link with Mother Nature (similar to spas); thus, for your own bathroom makeover, look for ways in which you can bring more natural light in via window treatment. 

And don’t discount the style power of plants and floral/botanical artwork.

6. Luxury bathrooms: Paint your furniture

Salle de bains de style  par BigBathroomShop, Classique

Milano Edgworth 800mm Anthracite Vanity Unit


Why spend big money on a new bathroom vanity when you already have an old one lying around? If you eat DIY tutorials for breakfast, then you already know about the multitude of tutorials online that can help you turn a dresser or chest into a vanity. If you're not into DIY or don't have the time, you can use paint to create a custom look with your boring bathroom vanity. 

Just be sure to choose a paint colour for your vanity project that can be repeated in linens and accessories (although we must recommend that you go with a rich grey/greige tint to give your bathroom a deluxe look).

7. Luxury bathrooms: Add an unexpected pop of colour

Salle de bains de style  par Raycross Interiors, Moderne
Raycross Interiors

Mr & Mrs G, Woking

Raycross Interiors

No need to stick to exclusive white/neutral palettes. How about adding in a dash of eye-catching colour for character and extra style? 

The secret to this is choosing one colour for an accent and repeating it throughout your bathroom. Pieces like a new rug, towels, hamper, mirror frame and artwork are all ideal to help copy a colour throughout the space.

8. Luxury bathrooms: Terrific tiles

Planning a complete remodelling of your bathroom? Then tiles are a must! 

A lot of high-end bathrooms feature showers and tubs, even in the simplest of spaces. But the secret to choosing a timeless bathroom tile that will stay stylish throughout various trends is by going with neutral colours and subtle designs. 

An attractive glass tile ribbon through your tiled shower can ensure loads of personality while also keeping it on trend, especially when paired with neutral tile colours.

9. Luxury bathrooms: A touch of wood

Salle de bains de style  par Alessandro Isola Ltd, Moderne
Alessandro Isola Ltd

Hertfordshire Home

Alessandro Isola Ltd

Want that tranquil Zen-like feel in your bathroom? Then you’d better include the mother of all natural materials: wood. 

Wood as a decorative element in a bathroom can instantly ensure a look of relaxation, but also cosiness. Wood as a horizontal wall design reminds everyone of those high-end saunas at hotels and ski lodges.

Pair these wood accents with neutral paint colours and natural decor accents to complete your luxury bathroom look. 

It’s still not too late to get on trend with The best bathroom colours for 2018.

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