7 ways to use vinegar for household chores

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7 ways to use vinegar for household chores

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Vinegar is typically used only for cooking. However, there are numerous ways to use it during the daily household chores. In case you are someone who wants to cut down on buying chemical cleaning products then vinegar can be a great alternative. It is not only natural but is also as efficient as a chemical based cleaner. In today's ideabook we are going to tell you about seven such ways of using vinegar at home.

1. Acts as a glass polish

Clear glass objects can showcase stains or cloudy surfaces even after washing them regularly. Whether you use detergent or any other liquid nothing proves to be as effective as a vinegar and salt solution. All you need to do is rub the mixture gently on the affected area and later clean it with water.

2. Unclog your bathroom sink

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Blocked kitchen sinks are not that uncommon. For unclogging it put a cup of baking soda in the drain and pour some vinegar over. These two components are known to react chemically, which dissolves all the solid particles and flushes them out of the pipe. However, you should always put warm water in your sink once you see the bubbles forming.

3. Cleans the shower faucet

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In case you use your shower regularly then you might have noticed that the faucet starts to get clogged after a few uses either with salt or dust particles. To solve this problem, you can put equal amounts of vinegar and hot water in the shower faucet for about an hour. This will make it easy for you to clean the shower head later with a brush.

4. Removes window stains

Marks or stains on your designer windows can be removed quickly by spraying some vinegar solution on them before cleaning. After leaving it for just a minute, you can wipe the liquid off using a towel or a sponge.

5. Can deodorize the drain

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You can also consider using vinegar for deodorizing your bathroom or kitchen drains. One can remove the smell to a great extent by merely pouring vinegar into the drain followed by some hot water. However, it is wise to remove the cause of the odor before starting the overall process.

6. Gets rid of odor

In the summer, your clothes, linen and bed sheets can end up smelling pretty bad due to the excessive sweating. In this case, you can put a few drops of vinegar in the last rinse water and leave it for a while to remove the smell naturally.

7. Use it with old clothes

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To make your old uniforms and clothes look brand new, you can spray a vinegar and water mixture while ironing. The ratio of the solution should always be 1:2 so that the clothes do not have a strong vinegary smell.

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