6 Filipino armchairs: Their stylish modernization

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6 Filipino armchairs: Their stylish modernization

Planchers de style  par Stone Depot, Tropical
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Philippine interior designing and architecture have been evolving over the past decades and this does not exclude its essential elements like furniture and fixtures. One prominent furniture piece that has evolved stylishly is the Philippine armchair. Providing comfort and style, armchairs are cozy accent pieces that ties up any living space. Let's check out the styles it has been offering in homes, and you may find the perfect style for you!

The original

Planchers de style  par Stone Depot, Tropical

The traditional Philippine armchair is called the butaca or sillon. Butacas features a curving seat and a wide reclined back. The arms are designed to be flat and long to allow the seater to prop-up their feet. Traditional butacas are also not upholstered in cloth or leather; but rather, the seats are covered in woven cane or rattan to promote comfort in the country's humid tropical air.

Showcased above, this cozy armchair features sturdy wooden details and the element of natural rattan. 

Using various forms

Planchers de style  par Stone Depot, Tropical

Traditional butacas evolved as decades passed by, offering us new and innovative designs while still showcasing the beauty of Philippine materials. In this picture, the armchairs look modern because of the use of different forms and shapes. A more rounded design, this Philippine armchair oozes in natural and modern appeal.  

Comfy cushions

 de style  par Mazura, Éclectique Bois massif Multicolore

The butacas used in early Filipino times were designed with only rattan and wood. Today, most modern Philippine armchairs still use wood as its main frame, with the addition of comfy seat and back cushions. It provides comfort and ease for the modern homeowner. 

This living room design features an accent chair with a Mahogany frame and cozy foam paddings upholstered in grey. 

More lively patterns

Not only is the modernization evident through the forms, designs, and added elements, but also with today's vibrant prints and patterns! Modern Filipino armchairs are bold and creative when it comes to style. It may still feature wood, but it also features the artistry through the patterned textiles. 

Modern sophistication

Salon de style  par Moda Interiors, Moderne
Moda Interiors

Floreat Residence

Moda Interiors

Philippine armchairs range its style from being classic and modern to being posh and sophisticated. This specific armchair design shows its high-class appeal. It actually recreates the Silla Frailuna’, Silyang Prayle, or simply the Friar's chair in the 80's. This type of armchair was usually found in church conventos and used by priests. The caned seats are not quite so deeply arched but just slightly canted. Now, these church-like armchairs look or modern with the minimal colors and cushioned style. 

Contemporary colors

What could be more modern and up-to-trend than the stylish use of bold, contemporary colors? Armchairs used by the modern Filipino are more out-of-the-box when it comes to the choice of colors. This eye-popping design features an armchair in a vibrant orange color that ultimately brightens the bedroom! 

Are you working on your armchair upgrades now? You better do! You can also check out more inspiration from these 48 quick and easy home upgrades for a Filipino home!

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