Why rugs are awesome decorative pieces to any room

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Why rugs are awesome decorative pieces to any room

Salle à manger de style  par TG Designing Corner
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While plain tiled floors or wooden floors look simply beautiful in its own state, sometimes, it could appear to be a bit plain and boring. Plain floors may bring the impression of a bare design. On top of that, plain floors may be prone to wear and tear from easy scratches. It could also feel cold to the human skin at most times. The best solution? Rugs! Rugs and carpets are simple awesome additions to your interiors! Scroll down to found out why. 

1. Rugs enhance the appeal.

Rugs come in just about every color, design, material, and shape you can imagine, and that ultimately boosts any appeal of any room! A bright-colored rug can make a bold statement, while a neutral-toned rug, like the one shown in the picture, may serve as the perfect complement to a room. 

2. Rugs create an inviting feel.

Rugs have this appeal to them that speaks pure coziness. Rugs create this homey feel to the house that generally invites guests to stay and relax. TG Designing Corner features a lovely living room that showcases a textured rug. The rug completely offers a welcoming feel to the room telling guests to Come sit with us!

3. Rugs cover imperfections.

Sometimes, we encounter unsightly stains or distracting imperfections in our type of flooring, Whether it's wood, concrete, laminate, and other conventional flooring materials, easy scratches can never be avoided. When this happens, this can be a great reason to cover that part of your floor with a rug. Notice how this country rug stylishly beautifies the small dining area, but you'll never know what flaws are underneath that lovely piece. 

4. Rugs increase the safety.

Rugs can help lower the risk of injuries from slipping mishaps inside your apartment. If your house has a long hallway and you have young children living with you, adding a runner there can help prevent injuries. Similarly, if you notice part of your floor gets slippery after it's cleaned, you might choose to put a rug over that part to prevent slipping hazards.

This bathroom design features a bath rug to absorb water and prevent slips after showering and washing in the sink. 

5. Rugs add comfort to your feet.

If you're not the type to wear slippers when walking around your house (though you have to keep floors sparkly clean all the time), you may wish to add rugs to certain parts of your floor so that your feet feel more comfortable, especially with floors that tend to get cold.

6. Rugs add character with patterns.

If you want to be brave and use pattern there is no better way than introducing it through a rug. For one, it’s easier to live with compared to decorating your walls. Using patterns below your visual field when entering a room makes it appear less intrusive. Rugs are also a great way to introduce pattern to neutral spaces and provides your room with a sense of character and personality.

7. Rugs connect spaces.

By placing similar style or similar colored rugs in connecting spaces, you unify and create a visual connection between the two rooms. This, in turn, makes each room flow from one to the next as your eye is drawn from one space to the next. This works particularly well in neutral and minimal spaces.

Now that you have an idea of decorating your floors with rugs, now's the same to spice up your walls too! Check it out here!

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