Kids bedroom ideas that the whole family will love

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Kids bedroom ideas that the whole family will love

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Nursery & kids room Chambre d'enfant minimaliste par Pixers Minimaliste
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If you're expecting a little one or already have kids, we know that you'll appreciate a handy resource of children's room ideas, as there are so many to choose from! When it comes to themes, colour schemes and small room ideas in general, there are lots of elements to take into account and we don't just mean the age of the resident! 

We've already looked at brilliant ways to add a little extra pizazz into you little one's rooms, here, but let's get a little more detailed and prescriptive as to different aesthetics, budget kids room ideas and even gender-specific décor. We know that this is the age of all things equal and understated, but if you prefer a more traditional approach, then some stylish boys room ideas and girls options will be very valuable and could give you all the info you need to really understand how to decorate a room. More than that, we think that you'll find it fun, imagining the schemes that we've selected, in your own home, so let's take a look.

Small room ideas can be simple.

Ferris Wheel Chambre d'enfant scandinave par Pixers Scandinave

Ferris Wheel


Never forget that you kid's room ideas don't have to fall into the novelty arena, as a simple and unfussy vibe can work terrifically well for little ones of all ages. It might sound a little unusual, but minimalist bedroom design ideas can absolutely be extended to the realms of younger residents, with white walls and furniture being cheerfully accessorised with some sweet artwork, funky textiles and a slew of toys.

Budget kids room ideas aren't lacking.

Mill house renovation and extension, Buckinghamshire Chambre d'enfant moderne par HollandGreen Moderne

Mill house renovation and extension, Buckinghamshire


You might not want to spend an absolute fortune on decorative touches in a child's room and that makes perfect sense, as they can outgrow certain motifs very quickly, but don;t assume that a budget scheme will look any less stunning that more lavish ideas. By hiring a wall-coverings expert to help with paint or wallpaper choices, children of all ages, from newborns through to pre-teens, can enjoy a very beautiful and personal space.

Don't sweat how to decorate a room.

Before you start decorating a bedroom in earnest and before we show you some of our favourite kid's rooms themes, just remember that decorating is not a matter of life and death. We understand that you want to create a perfect space for your cherished youngsters, but you don't need to get bogged down in the technicalities. If you actually want something perfect, you will be far better off hiring a professional decorating team.

Now then. On with some themes to consider!

Colour is a theme for Kids bedrooms.

Look at this! What a brilliant idea for a toddler's bedroom! Filled with colourful touches, toy storage and exciting hidey-holes, we think this is exactly the kind of bedroom that a child would like to call their own. You can really see that everything here is personal and geared towards fun, so don't go thinking that a multicoloured finish can't actually be a theme, as it can! 

For more amazing bedrooms that kids would love to call their own, be sure to look here.

Educational bedroom themes.

Little LEIVARS Chambre d'enfant originale par LEIVARS Éclectique



Girls and boys room ideas don't get much more beneficial than those with a little informative twist! As a parent, you'll want to make sure that every day provides a valuable learning experience or two and by including useful motifs in a little one's bedroom, you can rest easy. It can be as simple as adding a wall decal that has a map of the world, or a poster with the times tables!

Underwater motifs.

How sweet is this? A pale blue wall, with added decals, has created a lovely and fun underwater scene that kids of all ages would love! You could add to the look with plush toys and stylised furniture and whenever a change was wanted, the wall stickers will simply peel off!

Whimsical kids rooms.

Read me Stories Chambre d'enfant minimaliste par Pixers Minimaliste

Read me Stories


Speaking of decals, just look at this amazing one! Creating a terrifically fun and imaginative space, the illustration-style images spark whimsical play and would definitely keep the monsters away! We love that they are reading too, as that would tie into literary encouragement so naturally. It's really worth remembering that children have phenomenal imaginations and these should be tapped into.

Pretty princess schemes.

As long as there are children, there will always be a need for pastel pink, glittery and beautiful bedroom designs! Whether you have a little girl that wants to grow up to be the next member of the royal family, or a boy that enjoys a more sugary design scheme, princess style bedrooms really are fun!

Personalised bedroom ideas.

Boxer Dog Wallpaper Chambre d'enfant moderne par Moderne

Boxer Dog Wallpaper

As your children get a little older, they will start to make decisions as to what they like and want to use as their decorative inspiration, so we think you should consider encouraging their budding interior design credentials! With large wall decals now being a doddle to personalise and order, the sky really is the limit, in terms of what you can do, so don't rule anything out! You can even get specially printed bed linens too! 

Grown up bedroom ideas.

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London Chambre d'enfant originale par HollandGreen Éclectique

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


As your kids reach adolescence, they suddenly don't want to be babies anymore, in favour of being viewed and treated as grown ups, which is when a far more mature bedroom scheme needs to be brought into play. A key installation will be a bigger bed, that feels like an adult piece of furniture, possibly a desk and a more sophisticated wall colour too. You don't need to give your kids complete control though, as you don't want to be redecorating every six months, so try to steer them towards elegant and classic designs. We think that Scandinavian schemes are definitely worth looking into!

For some extra kids bedroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Kids bedroom ideas: A trip to the zoo!

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