Kitchen islands and their benefits

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An island in the kitchen looks visually appealing and also separates the different functional areas in the kitchen, adding order and helping to keep the spaces more organized. Here we have for you 9 kitchens with islands in different styles.

Our careful selection is as wide as you can imagine. And, we are convinced that beyond size, materials or color, the important thing is to show you spaces that rejoice in comfort, functionality and of course, elegance. Enough of preambles! Let's have a glimpse of each and we hope you find your favorite…

1. A Rustic dream kitchen with a wooden central island

Rustic, very rustic… this kitchen will leave every one sighing.

The combination of wood and stone can never be outdone. This duo is, without a doubt, infallible. And if on top of that, as in this case, we chose to incorporate a simple kitchen furniture in rustic style, it creates magic. The low wooden counter, wooden shelves instead of cupboards and a good side table that serves as an island. That is the recipe for a perfect rustic kitchen. 

Would you like to see more rustic kitchens? Here are 10 beautiful rustic kitchens to inspire you.

2. Country Style kitchen with island

This is an ideal design for lovers of the countryside and home life.

Not only the color selection is cozy, the coating choice to dress the work surfaces in this kitchen is unique. Again we find a kitchen that chooses to maximize the space under counter, leaving open the possibility of shelves that give easy access to condiments or other foods for frequent use or consumption. 

The cooking area was centralized on the island along with the extractor hood. Anything better, impossible! 

Here are some inspiring islands to install in your kitchen.

3. A Classic kitchen in gray with an island for preparation

Gray is a color that is used to present more formal and classic spaces. In this beautiful kitchen, gray dominates widely.

As for the selection of furniture, we find cupboards above and drawers under the counter. It is interesting to mention that this type of kitchens, in L and with island, create a certain dynamism in terms of the use of space. 

Need more color ideas? Here are 35 colors to splash onto your kitchen.

4. Kitchen for large family where an island serves as the dining table

This is the perfect kitchen if you have a big family. Especially if we pay attention to the kitchen island with breakfast bar. Easily, six people can enjoy here breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Again, the fire zone is separated from the preparation zone. Something that can be very practical when there is more than one cook in the family. See here for more fantastic ideas for kitchen islands.

5. Modern and U shaped kitchen with central preparation island

This kitchen offers plenty of space and comfort. Unlike the previous kitchen where stoves and sink are separate, here they have been placed side by side. The silestone countertop is the undisputed star. 

The kitchen furniture follows a very practical and modern design but without any kind of fittings. Another interesting detail is the presence of steel. Shelves and appliances work in sync, and shine, providing elegance and modernity to the space.

6. White and bright central island

The surfaces of this kitchen shine. Its elegant style is undeniable. In addition, white is the perfect color if we have spaces that receive little natural light or feel narrow.

The areas pertaining preparation, cooking and eating are well defined. As for kitchen furniture, it is more traditional: there are cupboards above and storage space under the countertop.

7. Small but functional kitchen with a sleek island

We know that size is not important. What counts is the functionality. This kitchen is a clear example of this. In general, if space is what is missing, it is best to think of linear or L-type kitchens. They allow you to make the most of the tight and constrained space. If there is the possibility of incorporating a side table or bar, even better.

If you are wondering about the style of this kitchen, we tell you that it is minimalist . A style that definitely goes very well in small spaces.

8. Kitchen integrated with dining room separated by an island

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens Cuisine classique
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

These days is very usual to see that open spaces are a trend in many houses. This kitchen is a clear proposal that reaffirms that is possible to integrate the kitchen and dining room. 

In this case, the kitchen island also serves as a separator of environments, but keeps the spaces integrated and maintains the feeling of openness. The choice of colors is the most important thing here, white, black and light green enhance the feeling of brightness and spaciousness.

9. The clean area in the island as the center of kitchen

This kitchen sports a central island, serving the cleaning functionality. But the interesting part is the material of the counter: made from cement, microcement or concrete, call it what you want. This element is a versatile resource, a classic and indispensable material for architects and interior designers. Its expressiveness and warmth make it unique. Because of its malleability, cement and microcement have become a tempting option when building structures and countertops for kitchens. Here are different materials and colors for your kitchen decor.

What do you think about this material for your kitchen? Let us know your thoughts.

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