19 Fresh and spectacular living room with balconies

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19 Fresh and spectacular living room with balconies

Vartika Gupta Vartika Gupta
Salon de style  par 賀澤室內設計 HOZO_interior_design, Moderne
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We love to have everything nice and beautiful right inside our home. How we wish that our living room was more open, with fresh air, a little more sunshine and a view. Do you wish you had a beautiful open space, where you would spend some lazy time with your feet up the coffee table watching the sun set into the night. Yes, well all you need is a balcony in the living room! Have a look at the following 19 fresh new designs, to ensure that your wish comes true.

1. Dream space

A balcony covered in white gravel, will give you a feel of being out on the beach, however high up your floor is. In this picture the balcony covered in white gravel is adorned with some potted plants to give a natural feel.

2.Decorated with plants

Here is yet another balcony, simple and elegant decorated with plants for a natural feel.

3. Japanese style

This balcony has a Japanese feel to it, with transparent doors, and colorful variety of plants in multi sized pots, giving a very compact yet fresh feel to the living room.

4. Balcony with white drapes

Wooden floor with brown interior interiors, set off a gentle and neutral ambiance. The balcony with such a living room has to be soft and gentle too. This requirement is met with these sheer white curtains that diffuse the light and add a subtle softness to the room.

5. Elegance redefined

This balcony comes as a natural extension to this living room decorated in a very classy and elegant style. The balcony is also colored in the same light colors so as to avoid any striking contrast and give a more open and extended look to the room. Here are 10 ideas to give your living room classic flair.

6. Nordic design

With gray cement paint with tannin blue walls this living room is designed in a Nordic way. The balcony is designed such as to compliment the Nordic living room, and some plants are added to create a natural feel to the room.

7.Open space

Sometimes, even if you add nothing, the space still looks beautiful. This living room is lit with sunlight coming from the balcony, and the balcony is kept absolutely plain to make the room look large and spacious.

8. Japanese style

This living room exhibits minimalist interior design, in an authentic Japanese style. The use of stone, steel brush solid wood skin, the system cabinet, and super-wear wood flooring to create a simple interior, and the small balcony window complement each other. If you love Japanese style, see this beautiful and simple Japanese terrace.

9. Modern Art

Bare brick walls and glass floor-to-ceiling windows, with unique and unconventional tables and chairs, make this living room look like a modern art gallery. There is a style in everything including the balcony. Here are 30 inspiring ideas for your living room.

10. Modern style

This balcony in the picture is long balcony, a place perfect to fit your barbecue during a house party, The living room is designed in neutral colors and wooden flooring with beige color as the protagonist.

11. Decorated with greenery

Salon de style  par Ben Herzog Architect, Colonial
Ben Herzog Architect

Brooklyn Heights Addition

Ben Herzog Architect

In this warm and lovely little living room, is an open big balcony. Designers created the look of a beautiful garden space which adds texture and natural beauty to this living room. See another inspiring idea for a balcony garden.

12. Monotone

This living in the monotone, gives the feeling of Yin and Yang and so does the white light coming from the balcony. 

13. Monotone again

This living room dominated by white color appears fresh and calm and the balcony in simple lines adds to the serenity of this simple yet charming living room.

14. Colorful and cozy

Pleasing color adds vivid tonality to life, and this living room looks cozy, comfortable and lively owing to the use of fabrics in decor and upholstery. See this ordinary balcony made lavish with some simple ideas.

15. Natural flavor

Neutral color coupled with minimalist style, is something that never goes out of style. Simple and super-wear-resistant wood flooring, coupled with simple system cabinet looks appealing and the fresh light from the balcony adds to the charm of this living room.

16. Transparency

In this picture is a gray elegant living room and outside it is a pond near the green lawn. Large windows make it merge into one fresh and balanced atmosphere.

17. Simple geometry

This open and neat looking living room has a panoramic view of the open space outside.

18. Perfection

This is a perfect living room, combined with the dining room, kitchen, study and an added balcony to create a fresh ambiance in the entire space.

19. Quiet space

Lastly, one balcony that is sure to give you solace and make your mind peaceful and calm. A relaxing chair, sunlight and some fresh plants are a perfect evening all by yourself.

Do you want your living room to be fresh and lively with the addition of a balcony? Which style would you want it to be?

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