Choosing a colour for your timber flooring

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Choosing a colour for your timber flooring

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Rear Extension, De Beauvoir, London Salon minimaliste par Gullaksen Architects Minimaliste
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Timber is one of the most versatile and widely used materials in home construction and decorating. Not only can it provide a rigid structurally integral frame for a dwelling, it has numerous uses that make it a vital necessity when planning, designing, and constructing a home. Your home is more than simply a place to live, it’s an investment, and when renovated and maintained correctly, can offer valuable income into the future. 

Today on homify we are looking at one element of home decorating that can truly make a difference when investing in your home. Timber flooring enhances a house's value, and not only does it look wonderful, with proper maintenance it can last a lifetime.  Timber is the most versatile type of flooring you will encounter when designing or renovating your home. It comes in countless colours and designs, which ensure it can be matched to any style of home or personal preference. In terms of maintenance, timber is a hard-wearing material that is easy to look after and comes in a range of styles, from sealed and spill resistant, to high gloss varnish. This environmentally friendly flooring will resist dust mites, and can have good hypoallergenic qualities.

These day’s timber flooring is not only available in the standard medium tone wood plank, but instead presents a range of stylish and sophisticated options. If you need a little inspiration in choosing your new timber floor, check out the following colourful examples below and invest in your home with confidence.

Creating spaciousness with white paint

Rear Extension Salon moderne par Oakman Moderne

Rear Extension


For a truly spectacular space, why not consider a painted white floorboard? This amazingly open living room has been designed with a complete white colour scheme, and it looks superb. Many people shy away from painting their timber floorboards, but it can look contemporary, as well as ensure an area feels airy and spacious. Matched with mid-century modern furniture, the room is a gorgeous blend of textures, and neutral contemporary colours.

Whitewash reinvented

Living Room Salon minimaliste par Gullaksen Architects Minimaliste

Whitewash has well and truly grown up. What was once relegated to country style homes or rustic dwellings, is now a popular contemporary choice. With slightly more timber showing through than the painted white floor, this room utilises whitewash to bring a sense of openness into the space. The furniture is modern and works well in coordinating with other elements of the interior aesthetic.

Light and bright

Feature island Cuisine classique par Chalkhouse Interiors Classique
Chalkhouse Interiors

Feature island

Chalkhouse Interiors

Designed by Chalkhouse Interiors, this space oozes liveability and style. Replete with a stylish traditional kitchen, and a feature blue island, the timber floor works as the perfect addition to this cooking space. Light in tone, the floor features a polished finish, and looks beautiful against the white and off-white two tone wall scheme.

A subdued ash hue

Midnight Oak Natural par Quick-Step Moderne

Midnight Oak Natural


For a functional and easily maintained room, this study boasts a gorgeous light ash timber floor. This dusty hue works especially well against the white colour scheme of the walls, and injects a sense of cleanliness and contrast within the workspace.

Something a little darker?

in-toto Marlow Kitchens Design Studio Cuisine moderne par in-toto Kitchens Design Studio Marlow Moderne
in-toto Kitchens Design Studio Marlow

in-toto Marlow Kitchens Design Studio

in-toto Kitchens Design Studio Marlow

Here we see a gorgeous kitchen design from in-toto Kitchens Design, and paired with the light blue glossy joinery, a dark hued timber floor. The kitchen works effortlessly against the medium toned floor, and seamlessly creates contrast within the domestic space.

Rustic russet

17th Century Double Smoked - Ebony flooring from Russwood Cuisine rustique par Russwood - Flooring - Cladding - Decking Rustique
Russwood – Flooring – Cladding – Decking

17th Century Double Smoked – Ebony flooring from Russwood

Russwood - Flooring - Cladding - Decking

Evoking a country aesthetic, this timber floor is a beautifully raw and rugged brown hue. Not completely dark, and with a satin/matte finish, the space oozes bucolic appeal, and timelessness. Paired with age-defiant provincial furniture, the room is welcoming and inviting.

The other end of the spectrum

Project: Berkshire Townhouse Salon moderne par Chaunceys Timber Flooring Moderne
Chaunceys Timber Flooring

Project: Berkshire Townhouse

Chaunceys Timber Flooring

A true contrast to the crisp white walls, this fabulous dark timber flooring is a great example of how to incorporate a rich and moody hue into your home. Matched well with sturdy leather furniture, this space is a great example of how to combine modernity and tradition. Enhanced with a black shag rug, and heritage furniture, this space is individual and striking!

If you would like to see some more flooring ideas, check out our ideabook: Stylish parquetry flooring

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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